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Let the truth be known about the 65nm PlayStation 3

While neither Microsoft nor Sony has been upfront about the process technology used in their consoles, enthusiasts have had little trouble identifying the different hardware revisions of the Xbox 360. On the other hand, the 40GB PlayStation 3 has everyone guessing just whether or not it uses 65nm technology, with some saying “yes” and others saying “no.” As it turns out, both sides are partially correct.

According to an AV Watch interview with Kazuo Hirai, president of SCEI, the Cell Broadband Engine used in the latest PlayStation 3 production is indeed from a 65nm process. This fully explains the reduced power consumption numbers posted by the new 40GB PS3. The 40GB PS3 now consumes around 100 Watts less during maximum load when compared 90nm Cell/B.E. consoles.

While the PS3’s CPU made the jump to the 65nm process, the GPU is unchanged. Hirai said that the RSX chip is still at the 90nm process, but did not indicate if the GPU would be moved to the 65nm.

As reported by owners of the 40GB PlayStation 3, the newest hardware is the quietest yet. The new PS3 supposedly outputs a noise level of 30 dB, about 6 dB less than the previous model. This improvement is will be greatly appreciated by home theatre enthusiasts using the PlayStation 3 as a Blu-ray Disc player.

At the expense of having a more power efficient and quieter machine, the latest PS3 hardware gives up all PS2 backwards compatibility and the ability to play Super Audio CDs (SACD).

Hirai also revealed that the attributes of the 40GB SKU will soon apply to the entire line family of PlayStation 3 consoles, as the 20GB and 60GB models – the ones with full backwards compatibility –- are no longer in production for any market in the world.

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By nikon133 on 11/11/2007 6:20:44 PM , Rating: 2
Well... we've got our PS2 very late - last Christmas, that is; me and my wife decided we're missing some (virtual) fighting we had with PS1 10 or more years ago - Tekken and likes.

We were initially planning to get just a few games for PS2, but having such a choice in Platinum range (equivalent 20 or less US$ here in NZ) we caught collector's bug and ended up with 40+ titles in 10 months - still growing.

Now... we also have couple of game capable PCs in the house, but beside fighting games (some of which don't exist on PC while others are simply more fun to play on PS2 - latter on that), we found out we were missing good platformers, so we ended up with all Jak & Daxter and Rachet & Clank titles (6 of them plus 2 non-platforming). We added to that all 3 Prince of Persia titles, Sly... some others.

Then we moved to driving with GT3, GT4, TT, last 2 NFS, couple of Burnouts etc etc...

While some of the mentioned games do exist for PC - and usually look better - we did found out that very often playing on PS2 in the living room and in front of TV is definitely more sociable and cosier experience than playing on my PC, in my "computer-room" away from rest of the world. Even my wife who gave up on playing video games maybe 5 years ago will grab a controller and pop in game's DVD without me around.

PC is still in use for FPS, strategies and other heavy stuff (like Oblivion).

It looks like we play 24/7 - but we don't, and as result we finished only 2 PS2 games so far, 3 more being in process... so back to the topic - I'd like BC simply because I don't see us finishing all of them (and ones that will come) while this PS2 lasts; we might be able to get another (used) one after, but since we are planning to get PS3 probably Christmas 2008, I'd prefer if it can carry on with PS2 games rather than having 2 separate consoles (same applies to my gaming PC, after all). I think that even in 5 years some of PS2 games will have value - however visually simple they might look by them - at least for our kid(s), so one way or another I don't want to end up without a way to play them - in the next 10 years at least.

"We don't know how to make a $500 computer that's not a piece of junk." -- Apple CEO Steve Jobs
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