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You can run but you can't hide from the MPAA

The Motion Picture Association of America, Inc. (MPAA) has expanded its crackdown on online movie piracy by filing seven new lawsuits against online sites. Websites targeted include,,,,,,, and

“Website operators who abuse technology to facilitate infringements of copyrighted works by millions of people are not anonymous – they can and will be stopped. Disabling these powerful networks of illegal file distribution is a significant step in stemming the tide of piracy on the Internet,” said John G. Malcolm, Executive Vice President and Director of Worldwide Anti-Piracy Operations for the MPAA.

You can read more here. (PDF)

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Durr, not in the US?
By Cygni on 2/24/2006 2:24:26 PM , Rating: 2
All of these sites arent even based in the US, and the countries they ARE based in normally dont give a flying crap what the MPAA thinks. Good luck shutting down servers in Tikrit and Bodambo Kenya, guys. ;)

RE: Durr, not in the US?
By masher2 on 2/24/2006 4:47:11 PM , Rating: 3
Ever hear of treaties such as WIPO or the Berne Convention? I didn't think so. It doesn't matter what those nations think of the MPAA, they're still bound by international copyright law.

RE: Durr, not in the US?
By Christopher1 on 2/25/2006 12:54:38 AM , Rating: 2
Not if they didn't sign those things! Saudi Arabia never signed, Iraq never signed, Syria never signed, the list goes on and on and on.

You can't enforce something on a country that that country didn't agree to.

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