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HD DVD players get a sales lift thanks to sub-$100 pricing

The battle in the next generation high-definition DVD format war is far from over. HD DVD and Blu-ray have been fighting it out in the market for roughly a year and neither side shows any signs of giving up the fight.

In late October, DailyTech reported that Blu-ray disc sales held a commanding lead over HD DVD for the first nine months of 2007. Blu-ray outsold HD DVD by a 2-to-1 ratio racking up sales of 2.6 million units versus 1.4 million units for HD DVD.

Since the inception of both standards, a total of 3.01 million Blu-ray discs and 1.97 million HD DVD discs have been sold.

Toshiba, the main backer for HD DVD, decided to turn the tables a bit in order to swing the sales momentum back in its direction. One by one, retailers started dropping the price of the second generation Toshiba HD-A2 HD DVD player. Wal-Mart dropped the price of the player from $299.99 to $198 in late October. Circuit City and Amazon both followed suit pricing the player at $197.99.

On November 1, DailyTech brought you news of Wal-Mart's secret in-store sale which listed the price of the HD-A2 at an unheard of $98.87. Soon after, Best Buy countered by pricing the player at $99.99. Sales of the player were so furious at that the stock was depleted leaving backorders to be fulfilled with the third-generation HD-A3 at no additional charge.

It appears that Toshiba efforts to drive down the price of entry for HD DVD paid off. Video Business reports that 90,000 Toshiba HD DVD players were sold over the weekend thanks to the price drops.

For comparison, Sony has sold 100,000 of its $499 BDP-S300 set top player since its introduction during the summer.

Despite the weekend surge in HD DVD player sales, Sony can still claim the largest install base with its Blu-ray hardware. Since its introduction in November 2006, Sony had shipped over 5.51 million PlayStation 3 consoles -- each of which features a Blu-ray drive.

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RE: The Break HD-DVD needed
By BansheeX on 11/7/2007 11:05:57 PM , Rating: -1
what is your point? numbers can be fudged, and/or misinterpreted?

Misinterpreted? More like manipulated. I interpreted him fine, and his attempt to criticize the PS3 with bad math. If a new console came out and sold 2 million in a month, would you call it a failure because it's total is lower than the 360's two year total?

that point alone makes all of your points irrelevant.

Not really. Blu-ray has been winning with shitty prices from day 1. And as I already stated, betamax players were far cheaper when it was losing and still ended up losing. So how can this be? By your own logic, it seems impossible. The ratings mean nothing on DT anymore. I just want to see you defend your analogies and statements about low prices beating all. It sounds sensible (YAY, LOW PRICES WHO DOESN'T AGREE!), but why isn't it correlating to reality? Could there be other factors that are more important? For example, what good would low prices be if no one had an HDTV. What good would low prices be if the other format had all the movies exclusive to it?

99% of its buyers buy it for games

First or only? Ever heard of a person that didn't enjoy films? Who is more likely to care about HD movies, a gamer or your grandparents? Interest in games almost assuredly correlates to an interest in movies. If it didn't there would be absolutely no sane explanation for why BR media sales are so good even when most the players aren't set-tops. Those BR set-top owners would have to buy five times as many movies as any HDDVD set-top owner for your numbers to work out, and that's just not likely.

RE: The Break HD-DVD needed
By retrospooty on 11/8/2007 10:21:03 AM , Rating: 3
Do you wonder why every post you make on this gets rated down to the minimum? Its because your points are all irrelevant and out of context.

And we are not talking about a person that doesnt enjoy films. Films can be enjoyed on any DVD player. We are talking about the next gen HD format and it is for people that want to enjoy high-def movies. People that want that are going to buy high def movie players when they are cheap (speaking by the masses, not the few early adopters). PS/3 did give BR an early bump, but it wont last, unless BR can match HD-DVD's low prices on the standalone players. end of story.

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