The new, improved PS2  (Source: SCEI)

The new, improved PS2 vertical stand  (Source: SCEI)
The undying PS2 gets even better, but no price cut in sight

Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. in Japan officially announced a new PlayStation 2 hardware revision, partly confirming an earlier report. The new hardware will be similar to the existing PS2 Slimline console, but integrates the power supply unit inside the console rather than relying on an external power brick.

As suspected, the new model, designated with number SCPH-90000, experiences a slight weight gain over the previous SCPH-79000 model due to the addition of the PSU. The SCPH-90000 weighs 720 grams, while the SCPH-79000 is only 600 grams. Both recent models are a significant an improvement over the first iteration of the PS2 Slimline console, however, as it weighs 900 grams.

Although not a direct improvement to the internal hardware, the new SCPH-90000 will be compatible with a much improved vertical stand that demands a much smaller footprint than the previous model. The new stand is sold separately for 1,500 yen, or approximately $13.

While speculation says that this new model will hit North America sometime next year at the magical $99 price point, Japanese gamers will have to pay the current, unchanged price for the new PS2. Suggested price in Japan is 16,000 yen ($140). The new PS2 comes in the black, white and silver.

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