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90nm chips still in use by PlayStation 3

With the release of the 40GB PlayStation 3 nearing worldwide proportions, some took one look at the specifications sheet and assumed that it contained 65nm chips after noticing that the latest SKU is a good bit less power-hungry than the 60 or 80GB models. While the 40GB PS3 does indeed draw less juice, Sony says that the latest hardware still runs 90nm chips.

According to information received by German publication Heise Online, the new 40GB PlayStation 3 hardware does not yet include 65nm chips, but rather still makes use of the same 90nm technology as in all other PS3 consoles. Sony said that 65nm chips would be introduced sometime in the coming months.

So how does Sony account for the power consumption drop from 200 Watts down to a more palatable 135 Watts? Apparently it’s due to improvements and modifications on the original design.

For one thing, the 40GB PlayStation 3 no longer has to house and power any chips related to PS2 backwards-compatibility. That means that the new hardware is completely without the Emotion Engine+Graphics Synthesizer chips and memory.

The 40GB PS3 also does not include the added hardware to support a memory card reader and only has to power two USB ports rather than four, leading to a further reduction in power consumption.

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Smells like an Orphan...
By jskirwin on 11/5/2007 2:37:38 PM , Rating: 2
Many moons ago, probably before many of you were born I purchased a system that became an orphan about a year afterward - leaving me with no cartridges to buy. Since then I've been very wary of being stuck with an orphan system again.

I'm not a fan boy, but I have over 50 PS2 games. I have an upgraded rig for some of the must-have PC games coming out this Fall/Winter (e.g. Crysis, Mercenaries 2) so I won't be buying any next gen system until next summer at the earliest. The only must-have game I've seen on the PS3 is the new Ratchet & Clank (Heavenly Sword could be - but it's far too short).

PS3 vs. 360: Which smells more like an orphan - or are you safe with either system?

RE: Smells like an Orphan...
By Brockway on 11/6/2007 3:18:27 AM , Rating: 2
Microsoft and Sony have sunk far too much money to just cut their losses and run. Both are going to try to ride this generation out for as long as they can to get their entertainment divisions back in the green (or finally into the green in MS's case.)

Wii seems the most likely to be "orphaned" first, replaced by another system thats actually HD. People always complain about the PS3 lacking games, what about the Wii? Its got Wii Sports, Metroid Prime, RE4, and in a few days Mario Galaxy. 1 good 3rd party game, thats just an upgrade of the gamecube original. SSB should be awesome, but where the heck are the 3rd parties, huh? The Wii only has a 2 game attach rate! Developers seem to think Wii-ites only want stupid mini-games and ports.

"And boy have we patented it!" -- Steve Jobs, Macworld 2007

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