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The shipping box for the Eee was so small, some buyers received a five-pack instead of a single unit

The Asus Eee PC notebook has been popular in North America thus far, with many retailers having sold their entire stock on the first day of orders. The popular e-tailer Newegg took a misstep above the rest though; apparently, the diminutive size of the Eee has confused Newegg's shipping department. Some buyers who purchased the Eee PC from Newegg ended up not with an individual Eee, but a shipping box of five units.

A posting on the forum details the story of an member NastyGash who had a box of five Eee's diverted from delivery moments before arriving ... who was then one-upped by several other users, including stampedingchipmunk who posted a picture of his five Eees that had snuck through the system.

Several other buyers have piped up in the thread as well, and it appears that Newegg is proactively reaching out to those who accidentally received more than they expected. So far, those who have posted are reporting that Newegg is offering customer credits and discounts, in addition to paying shipping back and overnight delivery of a single Eee unit.

Perhaps this would explain why so many Newegg buyers wound up with a "backordered" notice instead of a tracking number. But don't despair; the Eee buyers who got five have a heart and are sending them back, so no doubt Newegg will be filling their backorders as soon as possible.

"Legally in the state I live in, I could have kept all 5.  The transaction was completed, and I paid for what I ordered.  Morally however I just couldn't justify it," writes the member AgentEntropy. "Of course I'd rather have kept the 4 extras than the $50, but who wouldn't?"

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I would have kept them
By Setsunayaki on 11/7/2007 4:33:13 PM , Rating: 2
Computer Technology is boxed. When one orders from a company, the company holds the responsibility to ship the exact order as specified, no more, no less.

Newgg has manpower and experience in computer sales and technology. For them to accuse people of receiving more than what was specified in their order as being dishonest merely is pushing their MISTAKES upon their CUSTOMERS...

The customer orders in good faith and hopes to receive in good faith. They actually have NO power over what they receive. The company has ALL the power over what the customer receives. If not for LAWS and records, online businesses would completely fail.

In this issue, PEOPLE ARE BEING BLAMED FOR THE MISTAKES THAT NEWEGG MADE....REMEMBER THAT!!!!! People here ORDERED ONE newegg is going after people, shifting their blame to PAYING CUSTOMERS....

So Shame on anyone who sides with newegg on this issue..Sure I shop at newegg a lot and I like the online store...but if you are stupid enough to not split your inventory and send 1 UNIT/ Per Order and miscount the sent stock to customers...THAT IS THEIR MISTAKE.

Legally, they could go after lost units provided they can confirm beyond a doubt that people received through their records more than 1 unit....however the accused also would legally be in their right to sue newegg for their negligence as to claim units is actually a damaging process to the customer. A search and seizure order would be required and a case for each customer who received more units.

Don't you people know that when a company gets a court order for a search and seizure with provocation, that goes on your criminal record which all employers see...YOU WOULD BE DISHONORED FOR THEIR MISTAKE..and it would be treated as you commited a crime from the point of view of anyone seeing the record.....although you were ordering products.

Newegg just endangered the personal lives of their customers through their mistakes and actions....

"I want people to see my movies in the best formats possible. For [Paramount] to deny people who have Blu-ray sucks!" -- Movie Director Michael Bay

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