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The shipping box for the Eee was so small, some buyers received a five-pack instead of a single unit

The Asus Eee PC notebook has been popular in North America thus far, with many retailers having sold their entire stock on the first day of orders. The popular e-tailer Newegg took a misstep above the rest though; apparently, the diminutive size of the Eee has confused Newegg's shipping department. Some buyers who purchased the Eee PC from Newegg ended up not with an individual Eee, but a shipping box of five units.

A posting on the forum details the story of an member NastyGash who had a box of five Eee's diverted from delivery moments before arriving ... who was then one-upped by several other users, including stampedingchipmunk who posted a picture of his five Eees that had snuck through the system.

Several other buyers have piped up in the thread as well, and it appears that Newegg is proactively reaching out to those who accidentally received more than they expected. So far, those who have posted are reporting that Newegg is offering customer credits and discounts, in addition to paying shipping back and overnight delivery of a single Eee unit.

Perhaps this would explain why so many Newegg buyers wound up with a "backordered" notice instead of a tracking number. But don't despair; the Eee buyers who got five have a heart and are sending them back, so no doubt Newegg will be filling their backorders as soon as possible.

"Legally in the state I live in, I could have kept all 5.  The transaction was completed, and I paid for what I ordered.  Morally however I just couldn't justify it," writes the member AgentEntropy. "Of course I'd rather have kept the 4 extras than the $50, but who wouldn't?"

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RE: lol
By Oregonian2 on 11/5/2007 1:48:57 PM , Rating: 5
Some folk who doesn't get stuff at the supplier's wholesale price think they are being ripped off. Whatever. Noise.

That said, NewEgg is higher priced than they used to be. If one would do a web search and make a list of vendors by price, NewEgg used to be maybe a quarter of the way up from the bottom price (not counting the absurdly low ones which probably are unmentioned refurbs and the like, at best) -- which in combination with their selection, nice website, and reliable service made for a great supplier. Although I still buy from them, it has been my general observation that they tend to be about the middle of range or slightly higher price now. They seem to have been trending up in price relative to the competition. They're still good, but not "great" like they used to be -- and have gone over to the heavy advertising plus sales retail sort of approach rather than their previous lowest price on everything approach. Now, sometimes they'll have a really good sales price but other times they're nearly the most expensive source (right now with the eee they probably are, selling at list price, but I didn't mean that special situation of product first-release I mean more generally). I think NewEgg has moved from the start-up mode of gaining marketshare into the bean-counter mode of maximizing profits.

RE: lol
By Ringold on 11/5/2007 2:48:00 PM , Rating: 2
When I built my current rig in Feb/March, I did a similar price comparison and found basically what you just said.

Combineing price and my long history with them of being well taken care of, I still purchased probably 2/3 of my gear from NewEgg, including CPU, Motherboard, RAM, hard drive. Optical drive, nice case, watercooling and a couple other nick nacks all came from a couple different places though that just had low enough prices to be compelling. I don't often have to RMA those items either, so didn't worry much about that aspect of service. Oh, and the LCD came from Dell back in the day, this pup has served me well through many glorious campaigns now.

It'd be nice to see another website be uniformly competitive, but I'm not aware of such a site. If anyone else knows one, feel free to share. I like to keep my purchases in groups; something of a pain to have five or six different invoices coming..

RE: lol
By afkrotch on 11/6/2007 11:59:43 AM , Rating: 3

It's about the same as Newegg. I've gone between Newegg and Mwave for my computer parts. I also calculate in shipping between the sites.

Sometimes the parts are cheaper on Newegg, but overall cost is cheaper on Mwave due to shipping.

RE: lol
By borismkv on 11/5/2007 3:14:45 PM , Rating: 2
Try living in Alaska. It costs about 70 dollars to ship a 30 dollar crap & tinfoil case up here through Newegg (And more for anything worth using). My last build had most of the parts shipped from California, and the RAM shipped from New Jersey of all places, so I had to go buy MORE RAM elsewhere just to have a working computer and not a box of parts for a week and a half. I've been less than pleased with Newegg's shipping lately, but they do have an awesome website for research and shopping. I don't think I've found another etailer that gives as much information about parts as Newegg, even though there are several that ship here cheaper than anyone else (Which means everything's quite a bit cheaper elsewhere...which is also why I'll likely start going elsewhere to buy parts while I live here).

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