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The shipping box for the Eee was so small, some buyers received a five-pack instead of a single unit

The Asus Eee PC notebook has been popular in North America thus far, with many retailers having sold their entire stock on the first day of orders. The popular e-tailer Newegg took a misstep above the rest though; apparently, the diminutive size of the Eee has confused Newegg's shipping department. Some buyers who purchased the Eee PC from Newegg ended up not with an individual Eee, but a shipping box of five units.

A posting on the forum details the story of an member NastyGash who had a box of five Eee's diverted from delivery moments before arriving ... who was then one-upped by several other users, including stampedingchipmunk who posted a picture of his five Eees that had snuck through the system.

Several other buyers have piped up in the thread as well, and it appears that Newegg is proactively reaching out to those who accidentally received more than they expected. So far, those who have posted are reporting that Newegg is offering customer credits and discounts, in addition to paying shipping back and overnight delivery of a single Eee unit.

Perhaps this would explain why so many Newegg buyers wound up with a "backordered" notice instead of a tracking number. But don't despair; the Eee buyers who got five have a heart and are sending them back, so no doubt Newegg will be filling their backorders as soon as possible.

"Legally in the state I live in, I could have kept all 5.  The transaction was completed, and I paid for what I ordered.  Morally however I just couldn't justify it," writes the member AgentEntropy. "Of course I'd rather have kept the 4 extras than the $50, but who wouldn't?"

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By Nyu on 11/5/2007 1:14:39 PM , Rating: 1
"Legally in the state I live in, I could have kept all 5. The transaction was completed, and I paid for what I ordered."

I doubt the order specified 5 units

RE: doubtful
By Oregonian2 on 11/5/2007 1:33:53 PM , Rating: 5
Exactly the point. I think in most places if you're sent something that you did NOT order, you may keep it for free. Keeps companies from sending you stuff unasked for and then billing you for it (great business model!). Plus shipping (used to be some of this going around a good while ago -- normally really cheap junk for prices way over what it's worth (which is near nothing anyway)). So if he ordered one, got one, then he's fulfilled his obligations -- and the other four are stuff not asked for and therefore falls into the free category of unasked-for stuff sent. IOW, Newegg could not have billed for those other four if not returned voluntarily, even if they had the credit card number.

Personally, I'd have returned it so long as I didn't have to pay for shipping it (that said, this happened to me once by a telco who double shipped an item to me -- and I DID return the extra unrequested item using a prepaid UPS return label they sent me upon complaint -- and a year later I got a "stern" letter from a collection agency to which I wrote a letter explaining things. Didn't hear from them again after that. Sometimes no good deed goes unpunished. :-)

RE: doubtful
By omnicronx on 11/5/2007 1:50:28 PM , Rating: 2
I won't lie, i would have kept them. After all possession is 9/10's of the law ;) Newegg is a big enough company, I don't think a few extra eee's are going to effect their quarterly profits.

As for the OP, i really doubt you would be legally binded to return these items. I once received two back plate amps for my sub, called up the company (although it was situated in the US and I am Canadian) and they told me I was not legally obligated to return it, but said it would be much appreciated. As i have no use for two plate amps, i returned it. The Eee would have been a different story though, could have made a pretty penny on ebay.

RE: doubtful
By Mitch101 on 11/5/2007 1:57:16 PM , Rating: 5
This happened to me once I got a box of 10 copies of Windows for the cost of one. WooHoo.

But it was Windows ME. Booo.

RE: doubtful
By exanimas on 11/5/2007 3:52:48 PM , Rating: 4
Are you sure that was an accident?

RE: doubtful
By BillyBatson on 11/5/2007 4:32:39 PM , Rating: 2
lmao hilarious

RE: doubtful
By Mitch101 on 11/6/2007 11:11:25 AM , Rating: 4
It did double sales figures of the OS. ;)

RE: doubtful
By imperator3733 on 11/8/2007 2:02:32 AM , Rating: 2
But it was Windows ME. Booo.

That's unfortunate.

RE: doubtful
By Ryanman on 11/8/2007 8:46:25 PM , Rating: 1
Quote of the Year man.

RE: doubtful
By theapparition on 11/5/2007 3:13:39 PM , Rating: 2
Laws vary by state, but generally it goes something like this: You cannot suffer any personal loss for the return of unrequested items.

This means that you don't have to pay for shipping to send them back, but you do have to send it back. They are not your property, and if the company requests them back, you have to give them up. Several people have taken this further, claiming that their time/car/gas, etc were expenses and required to be compensated, above and beyond regular shipping charges. Most times, it's not worth it for the company to follow up. For a $1600 error, it probably is.

I know in one instance, a company hired a representative to show up at a customers house, take posession of the item, and ship it back, since that customer wanted to be compensated $5,000 for his travel to the post office. Another instance had the police showing up and taking possesion, since it is still the shipper's property, they can do that.

Hopefully, everyone will do the right thing.

RE: doubtful
By Bootstrap on 11/5/2007 4:36:41 PM , Rating: 5
Can you give more information about these instances? I'm especially interested in the case where a company rep or the police confiscated items from customers, since they seem to directly contradict the information on the FTC's website ( ):

Q. Am I obligated to return or pay for merchandise I never ordered?

A. No. If you receive merchandise that you didn’t order, you have a legal right to keep it as a free gift.

I'm certainly not a legal expert, but this seems to make it pretty clear that any unordered merchandise shipped to a customer becomes their property. Can you post some references for the cases you mentioned or for the state laws that governed them? I'd love to have a better understanding of these things.

RE: doubtful
By theapparition on 11/5/2007 9:14:25 PM , Rating: 2
Errr, maybe you should continue reading your own link?

Q. What should I do if the unordered merchandise I received was the result of an honest shipping error?

A. Write the seller and offer to return the merchandise, provided the seller pays for postage and handling. Give the seller a specific and reasonable amount of time (say 30 days) to pick up the merchandise or arrange to have it returned at no expense to you. Tell the seller that you reserve the right to keep the merchandise or dispose of it after the specified time has passed.

These simple FAQ's are written in layman's terms. As with anything, the exact law is a little more complicated. The one Q&A you quoted above was for "unsolicited orders", e.g. you got a shipment that you never ordered. This is clearly a honest shipment error, though. So in this Newegg case, by law you are under no obligation to notify them that you recieved 5. Nor shall you have to incurr expenses for returning the items. However, if they contact you asking for them back, it is thier property, and you must return it, at no cost to you. And yes, they can take legal action for the return of their property if you refuse.

You may write them that you refuse to ship this back and they have 30 days (or some "reasonable time" to pick this up or you'll consider it a gift. But are you prepared for the legal battle that could ensue? Even if the 30 days passes, they have deeper legal pockets than you, and could certainly make this hell for you, plus make you pay for their legal expenses.

Is all this worth it in the end? If this went to any sort of trial do you think any judge would be sympathetic to your case? In the end, doing the right thing will probably be your best option.

RE: doubtful
By Bootstrap on 11/6/2007 9:56:00 AM , Rating: 1
"Errrr", I did read the entire page, including the question you quoted -- nowhere in the response does it specifically mention that you are REQUIRED to notify the seller, or to return the merchandise if asked. In fact, seeing as how they leave it completely open as to what a "reasonable amount of time" is, I took this to mean that this is something they recommend you do to avoid getting erroneous bills in the future, not something that you are obligated to do. I realize that these FAQs are vaguely worded in layman's terms, hence my confusion.

Let me be clear here: I'm not advocating keeping merchandise that you received because of an honest shipping mistake. I certainly would have contacted Newegg to return it, and I'd expect that anyone who has any sense of morals would do the same. My question is specifically concerning what you are or aren't obligated to do by law, since there seems to be a lot of confusion about this.

So again, I'll repeat my question -- can you please cite or provide a reference to a law or specific case that actually confirms what you're saying? I'm not claiming that you're wrong or that you don't know what you're talking about, but there are too many "experts" on these boards that expect others to simply take their word for whatever they post, so a bit of healthy skepticism doesn't seem unreasonable. You sound as though you're knowledgeable on this, so I'd really appreciate any links you can provide so that I can read more on this myself. Thanks.

RE: doubtful
By afkrotch on 11/6/2007 11:42:21 AM , Rating: 1
Dude, apparently your reading comprehension is that of a 12 year olds. Here, I'll quote exactly what he just said.

So in this Newegg case, by law you are under no obligation to notify them that you recieved 5. Nor shall you have to incurr expenses for returning the items. However, if they contact you asking for them back , it is thier property, and you must return it, at no cost to you.

RE: doubtful
By opterondo on 11/9/2007 12:41:09 AM , Rating: 2
Apparently you have the reasoning skills of a 2 year old. Obviously he is not asking about clarification of his opinion, he is asking for sources his opinion is based upon.

RE: doubtful
By borowki on 11/7/2007 11:56:24 AM , Rating: 2
Uniform Commercial Code §§ 2-602(2), 2-603, 2-604.

RE: doubtful
By Mojo the Monkey on 11/8/2007 4:52:53 PM , Rating: 2
Thanks, Digi-Cardozo
(if you dont get it, dont ask)

RE: doubtful
By opterondo on 11/9/2007 12:50:22 AM , Rating: 2
UCC is adopted at the state level with modification not as a whole.

RE: doubtful
By opterondo on 11/9/2007 12:36:14 AM , Rating: 2

IC 24-5-5
Chapter 5. Unsolicited Merchandise

IC 24-5-5-1
Refusal to accept merchandise; gift to receiver
Sec. 1. Where unsolicited merchandise is delivered to a person for whom it is intended such person has a right to refuse to accept delivery of this merchandise or he may deem it to be a gift and use it or dispose of it in any manner without any obligation to the sender.
(Formerly: Acts 1967, c.55, s.1.)

RE: doubtful
By opterondo on 11/9/2007 12:32:34 AM , Rating: 2

IC 24-5-5
Chapter 5. Unsolicited Merchandise

IC 24-5-5-1
Refusal to accept merchandise; gift to receiver
Sec. 1. Where unsolicited merchandise is delivered to a person for whom it is intended such person has a right to refuse to accept delivery of this merchandise or he may deem it to be a gift and use it or dispose of it in any manner without any obligation to the sender.
(Formerly: Acts 1967, c.55, s.1.)

RE: doubtful
By borowki on 11/5/2007 6:39:14 PM , Rating: 2
No, no, no, the situation isn't quite like that. Most state statutes specify that you are allowed to keep an unsolicited merchandise if you are the intended recipient . In this case, Newegg clearly didn't intend to send the person the extra four machines. If he keeps them, he would have to pay.

RE: doubtful
By mindless1 on 11/6/2007 3:38:01 AM , Rating: 2
Morally yes, legally no.

You paid for a product and according to the invoice, that is what you received. According to the shipping per unit cost and # of packages, that is also what you received.

You ARE the intended recipient, because the package is addressed to you. Duh? You probably meant "in an ideal world where everything is perfect". Well in that world, all laptops would also be free, so,

Essentially it is as I already wrote, a moral factor. Any time a company sends you anything they didn't intend to, it is your property if addressed to you and delivered. Your ONLY financial obligation is what you have already agreed to pay when you ordered, subject to the terms of the product (terms also being limited by locality).

Any moral person would realize they don't deserve to have the extra systems and should return them. That <> law. If you want law to equal morality, I think it would be a positive step if enacted comprehensively instead of selectively, but that's not what our legal system represents and if it did, the first thing we'd have to do is build an order of magnitude more prisons because there's no end to the number of people we'd have to lock up for not adhering to someone else's morals.

I like Newegg, have ordered a fairly large percentage of PC parts from them. Nevertheless, if a package is addressed to you, then you are most certainly the intended recipient. There is a reason there was not latitude for "but we didn't mean to send xyz" and that is because if you give the sender latitude, it creates an opportunity for other abuse, that to many the time on phone, time delivering to shipper, time disputing credit card charges, etc, etc, etc, plus travel expense, is worth less than the item so the customer would've just given in to an illegal business practice by the seller.

What happens when UPS or the Police, whoever, show up at your door is that there is an honor system at play, they are not in authority to act but will be acting upon a suggested, imposed morality that I happen to agree with, that the recipient should indeed have to surrender what they did not pay for, but, they are not obligated to do so.

On the other hand, if Newegg were shipping this addressed to your neighbor instead of you, yes you would have to surrender it as you aren't then the intended recipient, legally you can't take possession of someone else's mail except as a holding party.

RE: doubtful
By borowki on 11/6/2007 8:55:44 AM , Rating: 1
You are debating with facts here. Under Common Law, if you're receive a merchandise and accept it, you're required to pay, even when it came unsolicited. In most states there are laws protecting consumers from aggressive merchants. They're nearly always, however, written to exclude cases where a merchanise was delivered by mistake. The Vermont statute, for example, reads as follow:


When personal property is mailed or caused to be delivered or when services are rendered to another by a person who knows the property or services to be unsolicited merchandise or services, the person to whom the merchandise is sent or delivered or for whom the services are rendered may refuse to accept delivery of the same, or he may deem it to be a gift and may use it or dispose of it in any manner without obligation to the person sending or delivering it.

The key word here is "know." The sender must know that the merchanise is unsolicited for the law to apply. Something sent by mistake, by definition, is not done so knowingly.

RE: doubtful
By opterondo on 11/9/2007 1:00:51 AM , Rating: 2
Your logic fails ..

Newegg does "know." that they sent five Eee PCs instead of one.

Unsolicited = not asked for

And your logic fails some more ..

If Newegg did not "know." they sent five Eee PCs instead of one there would be no problem.

RE: doubtful
By opterondo on 11/9/2007 12:45:15 AM , Rating: 2
Very nice but ... no

Intended = "your name and address on package"

If you weren't the intended recipient, ie. you neighbor, and you keep it insta-mail fraud under any situation.

RE: doubtful
By aharris on 11/5/2007 2:29:09 PM , Rating: 2
Doesn't matter. FOB Shipping Point - standard practice in e-commerce and determined in North America by which party pays for shipping - means the shipment is the buyer's responsibility as soon as it's placed on the truck for delivery. i.e. as soon as the shipment leaves the seller's Shipping Point, the buyer owns the product.

While this is true, I couldn't morally justify keeping the 4 extras >_<.

RE: doubtful
By Gul Westfale on 11/5/2007 2:52:58 PM , Rating: 1
i couldn't justify keeping the 4 extra ones either. i'd give them to my friends.

RE: doubtful
By awer26 on 11/5/2007 4:27:01 PM , Rating: 2
How do you know it wasn't sent FOB Destination making it Newegg's until delivered? This is the way UPS and FedEx work, which is why only the seller can cancel shipment while in transit or place a tracer on the shipment.

RE: doubtful
By mindless1 on 11/5/2007 5:22:54 PM , Rating: 2
A clarification should be made, that "who pays for shipping" really means "who initiates, orders the shipping with the shipper and makes payment directly to that shipper.

In other words you pay newegg a shipping charge for a product but it is still their responsibility to get the product to your door intact and/or into your hands if signature is required.

This mixup in sending several units is a bit confusing though, I'd have thought their system would catch that it weighed multiple times as much as it was supposed to. Maybe that's where the problem originated, that they had weight/carton in the field where weight/unit was supposed to be.

RE: doubtful
By rushfan2006 on 11/5/2007 4:54:46 PM , Rating: 2
Nah as unbelieveable as it may seem I do believe that if a company makes such an error as newegg you as the customer (pending you a) have a receipt for at least the one you ordered and b) you paid for at least the one you ordered) aren't under any legal consequence to return them. However you have to have some kind of documentation (that's why I say keep the receipt / packing slip) to proof yourself.

But then its a pretty dense person who throws out a receipt for such thigns as electronics (because of the whole repair thing).

Now the one place I do know that you are at fault and can even be charged with a crime for a "company's mistake" if you don't fess up -- a bank.

If a bank (in the US anyway) makes an error and accidentally credits you more money in your savings or checking account and you try to take the money out fast and then don't report it. If their audit (and they will audit) discovers what you did - you can face some serious jail time.

By Locutus465 on 11/5/2007 12:59:31 PM , Rating: 2
I wish I bought 1 :(

RE: Damn.
By murphyslabrat on 11/5/2007 2:02:50 PM , Rating: 4
I wish I bought 5 ^^j

25 EEE's make learning, playing, and working very easy

RE: Damn.
By Ringold on 11/5/2007 2:35:23 PM , Rating: 3
When you have more computers than your body has digits, then I think it's a bit much..

Though, if they could run F@H better, then it'd be okay.

RE: Damn.
By Chris Peredun on 11/5/2007 3:14:37 PM , Rating: 5
When you have more computers than your body has digits, then I think it's a bit much..

I will not stand for this blasphemy. Good day, sir.

RE: Damn.
By Master Kenobi on 11/5/2007 4:24:23 PM , Rating: 5
Agreed. I insist you have at a minimum 2x more computers than digits. Until then you are under-powered. =)

RE: Damn.
By JonnyDough on 11/6/2007 2:19:44 PM , Rating: 2
Unless of course you own one heck of a powerful system that you can use to run several virtual machines and that can also be used as the game server. =)

RE: Damn.
By HrilL on 11/8/2007 12:17:08 AM , Rating: 2
I still think having a bunch of rooted boxes would be better then a system like you speak of. At work we do have 2 8 core 3.0ghz systems with 16 and 8 gbs of ram. Oh and a cray but I don't get to play with that.

Its newegg!
By xxsk8er101xx on 11/5/2007 10:29:03 PM , Rating: 1
Newegg has never screwed anyone over. I've been purchasing from Newegg for 8 years. I've never had a problem. If I did they were very cool about it and always had great support. They've always had outstanding shipping. They always have great pricing.

Why screw Newegg over?

Newegg is cool; be a Newegg!

RE: Its newegg!
By afkrotch on 11/6/2007 11:54:57 AM , Rating: 3
Ya...1st line is false. I've been screwed on shipping costs.

I was going to place an order for 4 rounded ide cables. The shipping cost was double that of the items. I emailed them to see if I could get some type of discount or something, as it clearly was a huge error. They told me to place the order and give them an email back with the order number.

Did that, never got the shipping cost reduced. Instead, got an email from some other Newegg support person about not giving any shipping discount. Now...I don't buy small items from Newegg. I order it through FrozenCPU. A little more costly on the item, but I don't get anal raped on shipping.

It's freaking USPS Priority mail. WTF!

RE: Its newegg!
By superkdogg on 11/6/2007 12:30:14 PM , Rating: 2
I agree with this guy. Newegg has always treated me right, so I'd treat the right too.

However, my idea of treating them right is requesting more than $50 to get their $1600 back on the mistake. Even if I sell two of them and send two back, I'm saving them $800 over what could have happened, so that's a pretty good deal.

Offerring 1/32 of the value as a reward is borderline offensive and would almost imply they don't really care if they get it back (not to mention it literally barely covers the time of re-sealing the box, getting the new shipping sticker in the mail and shipping it back out).

A small reward is like a small tip-it sends a message.

RE: Its newegg!
By Bioniccrackmonk on 11/7/2007 2:24:16 PM , Rating: 2
However, my idea of treating them right is requesting more than $50 to get their $1600 back on the mistake. Offerring 1/32 of the value as a reward is borderline offensive and would almost imply they don't really care if they get it back ( not to mention it literally barely covers the time of re-sealing the box, getting the new shipping sticker in the mail and shipping it back out ).

You're kidding right? Are you using a stone slab and chisel as your form? Do you have no experience with tape what so ever?

I don't know how UPS/FedEx/USPS works where you are at, but here I just have to take the item in, fill out the form, they box it up and ship it out. In and out in 5 minutes, 10 if I take the time to chat with the person behind the counter. Also, even though it doesn't say it in the article, I am sure Newegg is still paying for the shipping plus giving you $50 for being honest, big word, but it still exsists.

I know what you are going to say though, they shipped it to me so I don't have to return it if I don't want to. This is very true, but by doing so you join the ranks of every one else on this planet that makes the world the way it is because it is all about me, me, me, me, me, me, me and me. I am sure I will see you on TV this Christmas playing the role of Mr. Scrooge.

I agree with this guy. Newegg has always treated me right, so I'd treat the right too.

I can't believe you started out with this and then went on your capitalist rant about how they should give you a ton of money for a shipping error that you didn't pay for to begin with.

RE: Its newegg!
By Inkjammer on 11/9/2007 9:05:03 PM , Rating: 2
I ordered a 120GB WD Passport and tube of Arctic Silver from Newegg in May, but never got it. I live at an APO, so sometimes mail takes longer to get here than usual.

I filed a report of missing items with Newegg. It took a while, but they eventually sent me another one. They've been reliable and trustworthy for years, and yes, I am a total fanboy of the 'egg (and for good reason!)

Perfect quote
By Screwballl on 11/5/2007 1:12:33 PM , Rating: 4
when viewing this story, the perfect quote appeared at the bottom:

"We can't expect users to use common sense. That would eliminate the need for all sorts of legislation, committee's, oversight and lawyers." -- Christopher Jennings

RE: Perfect quote
By Master Kenobi on 11/5/2007 4:25:11 PM , Rating: 2
:O I didn't know they quoted me on something.... DOH!

RE: Perfect quote
By milkydoo on 11/8/2007 1:39:47 PM , Rating: 3
Ah yes, the evil 'users' at the bottom are the problem. The good, clean, moral and ethical, God fearing corporations would never do anything that the Lord wouldn't do.

Sorry, the primary perpetrator of evil and ethical violations in this economy IS the CORPORATION. Corporations, as a rule, deliberately commit ethical violations, and legal infractions when it is economically benefitial, or when it helps them maneuver.

Corporate ethics is directly tied to, and governed by, economic impact. In the case of the few companies out there that have top notch customer service, it is simply a matter of carving out a niche in the industry that others have left open.

Please, let's not forget that greed is the fire that moves the machine.

Id have kept it.
By hitman699 on 11/5/2007 4:29:32 PM , Rating: 1
hmm.. sorry you guys are better then me.. companies screw us all the time.. I say screw them back

RE: Id have kept it.
By lagomorpha on 11/5/2007 5:35:28 PM , Rating: 2
As far as not screwing over the customer newegg's track record is certainly impressive. That being said I'd still have kept them.

By Master Kenobi on 11/5/07, Rating: 0
RE: Doh
By bplewis24 on 11/5/2007 1:08:18 PM , Rating: 2
EBay, anyone?



By dwalton on 11/5/2007 1:25:13 PM , Rating: 2
For most, returning the product is a moral question and not a legal one.

You can't force someone into legal obligations just because you shipped something by mistake (well in most states).

Mistakenly shipping me items I did not pay for, should not allow you to force me to,

1. store a product for you.
2. ship a product for you.

for free or a fee of your choice.

By A5un on 11/5/2007 1:47:32 PM , Rating: 2
Hold your wee for a EEE?

Man, I shoulda ordered it when I saw that incredible 1 = 5 deal. Anyone selling their extra 4 EEE's?

Fingers Crossed!
By lagomorpha on 11/5/2007 5:33:57 PM , Rating: 2
I just ordered an Eee from newegg sunday. (oh please oh please)

I have 5 eee's
By corduroygt on 11/5/2007 10:18:32 PM , Rating: 2
I would have made a youtube video "I have 5 eee's" just like the I have 3 PS3's video. Then I'd return the 4 I didn't order for some sweet discounts on Newegg on items I'd actually need.

To return or not to return
By tigerman81 on 11/6/2007 8:47:43 AM , Rating: 2
Some people on here have posted false information.

This is the law from the U.S Postal Reorganization Act which governs pretty much all mailing standards and practices in the U.S.

In it you will read that that any merchandise which is unordered that is shipped to you is now considered a gift which you can do whatever you want with. In this case if you ordered 1 Laptop and they sent you 5 then the other 4 are yours to keep and you CANNOT be billed for the other 4. Furthermore the company has no legal right to get them back for you. They can always ask you nicely or bribe you with $50 like Newegg. This law pertains only to the person the item is shipped to. This a federal law so it pertains to ALL states.

As for me, I consider myself to be a moral person and I would actively try to find someone who dropped their wallet and give it back to them. If a company this big makes a mistake this stupid then they deserve to be out the items. I would have kept them and probably donated them to worthy causes like under privledged kids.

I would have kept them
By Setsunayaki on 11/7/2007 4:33:13 PM , Rating: 2
Computer Technology is boxed. When one orders from a company, the company holds the responsibility to ship the exact order as specified, no more, no less.

Newgg has manpower and experience in computer sales and technology. For them to accuse people of receiving more than what was specified in their order as being dishonest merely is pushing their MISTAKES upon their CUSTOMERS...

The customer orders in good faith and hopes to receive in good faith. They actually have NO power over what they receive. The company has ALL the power over what the customer receives. If not for LAWS and records, online businesses would completely fail.

In this issue, PEOPLE ARE BEING BLAMED FOR THE MISTAKES THAT NEWEGG MADE....REMEMBER THAT!!!!! People here ORDERED ONE newegg is going after people, shifting their blame to PAYING CUSTOMERS....

So Shame on anyone who sides with newegg on this issue..Sure I shop at newegg a lot and I like the online store...but if you are stupid enough to not split your inventory and send 1 UNIT/ Per Order and miscount the sent stock to customers...THAT IS THEIR MISTAKE.

Legally, they could go after lost units provided they can confirm beyond a doubt that people received through their records more than 1 unit....however the accused also would legally be in their right to sue newegg for their negligence as to claim units is actually a damaging process to the customer. A search and seizure order would be required and a case for each customer who received more units.

Don't you people know that when a company gets a court order for a search and seizure with provocation, that goes on your criminal record which all employers see...YOU WOULD BE DISHONORED FOR THEIR MISTAKE..and it would be treated as you commited a crime from the point of view of anyone seeing the record.....although you were ordering products.

Newegg just endangered the personal lives of their customers through their mistakes and actions....

newegg users are
By GhandiInstinct on 11/5/07, Rating: -1
RE: newegg users are
By AlphaVirus on 11/5/2007 1:22:45 PM , Rating: 5
You say you would keep them but if you were actually put in that position you probably would return them just like the rest did. Its not because you love a company or hate a company, its because you have morales and in a way its considered stealing. You did not pay for 5, you paid for 1 but accidently received 4 more.

To the people who returned them, they get much respect.

RE: newegg users are
By Ringold on 11/5/2007 2:37:41 PM , Rating: 5
I for one would welcome my NewEgg overlord.

8800GTX's and Crysis, the new bread and games! Hoorah for Lord Egg!

By Dom on 11/5/07, Rating: -1
RE: lol
By meepstone on 11/5/2007 1:28:38 PM , Rating: 3
WHAT!? They have cheaper computer parts than most other etailers and especially any store around my city by far.

Also they always live up to their warranty's.

RE: lol
By Oregonian2 on 11/5/2007 1:48:57 PM , Rating: 5
Some folk who doesn't get stuff at the supplier's wholesale price think they are being ripped off. Whatever. Noise.

That said, NewEgg is higher priced than they used to be. If one would do a web search and make a list of vendors by price, NewEgg used to be maybe a quarter of the way up from the bottom price (not counting the absurdly low ones which probably are unmentioned refurbs and the like, at best) -- which in combination with their selection, nice website, and reliable service made for a great supplier. Although I still buy from them, it has been my general observation that they tend to be about the middle of range or slightly higher price now. They seem to have been trending up in price relative to the competition. They're still good, but not "great" like they used to be -- and have gone over to the heavy advertising plus sales retail sort of approach rather than their previous lowest price on everything approach. Now, sometimes they'll have a really good sales price but other times they're nearly the most expensive source (right now with the eee they probably are, selling at list price, but I didn't mean that special situation of product first-release I mean more generally). I think NewEgg has moved from the start-up mode of gaining marketshare into the bean-counter mode of maximizing profits.

RE: lol
By Ringold on 11/5/2007 2:48:00 PM , Rating: 2
When I built my current rig in Feb/March, I did a similar price comparison and found basically what you just said.

Combineing price and my long history with them of being well taken care of, I still purchased probably 2/3 of my gear from NewEgg, including CPU, Motherboard, RAM, hard drive. Optical drive, nice case, watercooling and a couple other nick nacks all came from a couple different places though that just had low enough prices to be compelling. I don't often have to RMA those items either, so didn't worry much about that aspect of service. Oh, and the LCD came from Dell back in the day, this pup has served me well through many glorious campaigns now.

It'd be nice to see another website be uniformly competitive, but I'm not aware of such a site. If anyone else knows one, feel free to share. I like to keep my purchases in groups; something of a pain to have five or six different invoices coming..

RE: lol
By afkrotch on 11/6/2007 11:59:43 AM , Rating: 3

It's about the same as Newegg. I've gone between Newegg and Mwave for my computer parts. I also calculate in shipping between the sites.

Sometimes the parts are cheaper on Newegg, but overall cost is cheaper on Mwave due to shipping.

RE: lol
By borismkv on 11/5/2007 3:14:45 PM , Rating: 2
Try living in Alaska. It costs about 70 dollars to ship a 30 dollar crap & tinfoil case up here through Newegg (And more for anything worth using). My last build had most of the parts shipped from California, and the RAM shipped from New Jersey of all places, so I had to go buy MORE RAM elsewhere just to have a working computer and not a box of parts for a week and a half. I've been less than pleased with Newegg's shipping lately, but they do have an awesome website for research and shopping. I don't think I've found another etailer that gives as much information about parts as Newegg, even though there are several that ship here cheaper than anyone else (Which means everything's quite a bit cheaper elsewhere...which is also why I'll likely start going elsewhere to buy parts while I live here).

RE: lol
By Locutus465 on 11/5/2007 1:59:49 PM , Rating: 2
Do you actually shop around the major reputable online retailers? They're right in line, and I've never had a single complaint with them.

"Paying an extra $500 for a computer in this environment -- same piece of hardware -- paying $500 more to get a logo on it? I think that's a more challenging proposition for the average person than it used to be." -- Steve Ballmer

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