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A new survey shows that the majority of people are willing to do their part to help the environment, even if it isn't easy

A new poll by BBC News provides perhaps the most comprehensive to date look at the current level of public awareness of environmental issues and public initiative to make sacrifices in hopes of fixing them.

The large study surveyed 22,000 people in 21 countries, including many in the two largest CO2 polluters, the U.S. and China.  Four out of five people stated they would probably be ready to make lifestyle changes to reduce emissions.

Taxes were a bit stickier issue.  Taxes on oil and coal enjoyed a smaller base of support, but still represented the majority opinion, with 50% for them and 44% opposed.  Many of the opposed stated that they would change their opinion to support if it could be guaranteed that the funds would be diverted to finance alternative energy or alternative energy research.

The total figures were that 83% of people either were ready or were probably ready to make sacrifices in their daily lives to help the environment.

People in the U.S. and Europe agreed that fuel prices would have to rise in order to get people to lower their consumption, as they are stuck in their ways.

Italy and Russia did not agree, as these countries are already experiencing dramatically fossil fuel costs.

South Korea, India, and Nigeria also showed smaller margins of support for higher energy costs, though the majority of responders still felt that higher costs would be needed to lower consumption.

Interestingly the Chinese were the most willing to support taxes on polluting fossil fuels.  A whopping 85% of Chinese surveyed supported taxes on fossil fuels to reduce reliance on them.

While experiencing many recent quality concerns, including tainted cancer drugs, China has been rapidly becoming a world leader in many technology sectors.  The results of this survey demonstrate that despite past problems the Chinese people have a strong desire for their country to develop into an environmental leader.

In total 22,182 people were interviewed in the following countries:

UK, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Egypt,France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Kenya, Mexico, Nigeria, thePhilippines, Russia, South Korea, Spain, Turkey, and the United States.

Interviews occurred either face to face or via telephone between May 29 and July 26, 2007.

Increased public awareness can be attributed to a broad array of sources.  One is the mass media -- news channels have been increasing their environmental issue coverage.  Another source of awareness is simple observation. People see pictures of rainforests stripped bare and it becomes blatantly obvious the need to protect our planet.  The U.N. also can take some credit for its constant climate research, as well as research into other environmental topics, such as deforestation and biofuels

A little credit even can go to recent Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Al Gore, whose movie "An Inconvenient Truth" brought an increased public interest in environmental issues.

Regardlessly of who convinced these people that helping the environment was a good idea, that is the conclusion they have come to.  It appears that the majority of people finally are ready and eager for environmental change -- politicians listen up, these are thoughts of your constituents.

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RE: One other comment
By murphyslabrat on 11/7/2007 4:02:29 PM , Rating: 4
Religion has not kept man civil, that is the "Me" or the "Ego", depending on your preference in philosophy, that has provided the framework of restraint. It is religion that has fleshed out that framework by stating the specific rules.
Science cannot explain "forever" or "endless". There is a limit to any science of the "known" universe yet there is no end and science cannot explain this.

Science is not limited by the concept of eternity or endlessness, it is merely the human mind that cannot comprehend it.
Most religion is not crusading or having holy wars,

Quite right, but...
There are always a few extremists...

No, the violence perpetrated in the name of Islam, via 9/11, or Christianity, as with Holocaust, is not exclusively extremism. While, I admit, that if the level of devotion that some turn towards politics or their career is turned towards an interpretation of religion that calls for the deaths of "infidels," you can definitely get 9/11. However, I am a cynic (despite considering myself a very committed Reformed-Christian ^^j), in that I believe that most "Holy Wars" are the result of barebones capitalism: achieving material or abstract superiority.

Did you know that the Holocaust was perpetrated in the name of Christianity? The rhetoric was that the Jews killed Christ, and all of them were guilty for that (There was also a distaste for Jews in the first place, hence why it was readily accepted). Now, add in the belief that Caucasian males are superior to other races, based on evolution, and you have sufficient justification for one of the greatest travesties to scourge history.

However, to any Christian who "knows his stuff," these arguments appear for what they are: bull-shit. the Biblical accounts of Jesus show him as a man with authority, a man to whom God payed close attention. The Bible shows Him as God in human form. In the Gospel accounts, Jesus repeatedly performs incredible miracles, and escapes the Jews again and again. It is not until Jesus practically hands himself over to the Jews (one of his disciples betrays him, but he is recorded as knowing this the whole time) that he is taken and killed. Then, after Jesus rises from the dead, it becomes apparent that this was a master plan that was alluded to throughout the Bible. Jesus intended to die, the Jews would not have killed him but for the intent of God. In Jesus' own words (obviously translated and paraphrased, as I neither understand Hebrew or have an English Bible on me ^^j): "I am not creating an earthly kingdom, but a spiritual one. If I were creating an earthly kingdom, I would have my followers fight; but, instead, I have them serve."

Another issue is that the Bible does not respect race. Firstly, in the Old Testament (the older writings, from before Christ) the Jews themselves are God's chosen people, and are used as instruments of judgment on many people groups. Then, in the New Testament (the later writings, after Christ), every race has equal access to the grace of God through the Bible; starting with the Jews themselves!

With that said, the Crusade as a Christian movement and the Holocaust as a Christian movement both become utter bull-shit. The cause in the first was desire for land, wealth, and power; and in the second, it is a desire for land and a cause to motivate people to support their Grand War.
it is a belief in something that no man or scientist can explain or have an answer for

A final note: you would be surprised what science condemns and supports. The only way that science can support the theory of (Macro-) Evolution, is if it is assumed from the out-start. And, even then, you have trees standing through "millions of years", that are uniformly weathered across it.; as well as other such inconsistencies. The only reson for the belief that science does not support God, is that the visible majority scientists try to prove that (that is a visible majority, which is not the same as a real majority).

Previewing my post, I think I sound a wee bit preachy. So, sorry about the raised volume, but please try not to go deaf.

RE: One other comment
By The Sword 88 on 11/12/2007 1:05:22 AM , Rating: 2
It is not just evolution that has holes in it. Read a non-Deity based account of the Creation of the Universe, ala the Big Bang, and it will be littered with scientific incositencies and mathematical impossiblities. Look at so many of our attempts to explain the origin of man, the universe, life and if you look critically you will jot be able to ignore these glaring holes and flaws in them. Yet so many try to pervert science to try and crush religion. Newton, Maxwell, and many other famous physiscist have been Christian and a rather large percentage of physicists today are Chistian as well. Many are also Jewish or any number of other faiths. I have no real stats but from my time at Fermi National Accelerator Lab with CDF I would say there more faithful people than not. I also cannot speak for Chemists or Biologists, though Darwin was a conservatve Christian, go on read his book.

Science does not disprove God, granted it doesnt prove God either, hence faith, and you are ignoring a huge body of scientific evidence if you claim that it does disprove God.

"The whole principle [of censorship] is wrong. It's like demanding that grown men live on skim milk because the baby can't have steak." -- Robert Heinlein

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