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Dual Intel Socket 771
New Intel server CPU sockets sighted!

Intel's Xeon will soon have a replacement for the 603/604 CPU socket: Socket 771.  The socket will use a Land Grid Array (LGA), similar to the Socket 775 LGA sockets on desktop motherboads.  This means upcoming server processors from Intel will use contact pads rather than pins to interface with the motherboard. 

LGA sockets are slightly more expensive to manufacture over traditional pin sockets, but the cost is easily recouped due to the fact that the CPUs do not need expensive pins that are easily mangled. 

AMD's future Opteron socket, Socket 1207, is also set to use an LGA interface. 

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RE: cost savings?
By prokaryote21 on 2/23/2006 3:28:17 AM , Rating: 3
Consider if a perfectly good CPU is encased in a package and that package get damaged. There's no economical way to extract the CPU and repackage it. A more robust package, in the long run, increases final yields which implies not only is more money made for the company, but it has more overhead room to lower prices and still have increased profits.


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