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GMail 2.0 is coming soon to your friendly local internet.

Google announced some news at its Analysts Day, which may excite some -- it will be releasing a completely rewritten, optimized and improved version of GMail.  The version's goal is reportedly to raise customer satisfaction to 70 percent. 

Such a high satisfaction rate, particularly for a free email service would be very impressive.  Many internet services, including the internet service itself enjoy woefully low satisfaction and general customer antipathy.

GMail has been driven by aging Java-script which will now be brought up to speed. The new version dubbed "GMail 2.0" has two main goals:  faster service and better contact management.

Initial testers reported the test version felt noticeably faster and more responsive, particularly in contacts management.  They report a new contacts screen, as well as that the chat can now not be hidden (at least in the trial version).

Another improvements is that contact pictures can be transferred directly from Google's Picasa web albums, all server-side, to reduce bandwidth and processing expenses on the user side.

Google recently made headlines when it switched to the superior IMAP protocol, an unexpected move for a free internet service, as reported at DailyTech.  IMAP support should be almost completely rolled out to GMail users by now.

Expect to see GMail 2.0 rolled out sometime this year or early next year.  The update is recognizable by a "newer version" option appearing in the upper right hand links in the mail window.  Be sure to comment if you received this update, as Google has not announced a hard date for the rollout.

Google currently features over 4 GB of storage per account, which makes it one of the most generous providers in terms of storage space.

Google has been breaking ground with many new initiatives, including its Google News, the Google Lunar Challenge and the Unity Project -- a trans-Atlantic cableline.  It did recently get its heart broken by Facebook, when it got rejected for Microsoft.  However, it is unconcerned as it has a deal with and several other networks, and hoards of loyal GMail users, who will soon be enjoying an improved version of their favorite email service.

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RE: Wait...I thought it was still beta....
By Quiescent on 11/4/2007 8:15:48 AM , Rating: 2
I think it's finished quite enough for me.

Several things I like about Gmail:
1. there's no image ads all over the frickin place which actually takes the focus off of your email and onto the ads instead because they take up so much space. I hardly ever notice those text ads that appear when you're reading an email.

2. At the top you can show the rss feeds you want to show and sift through. Granted some of them are the ones you can't change and are more of advertisement, but it all adds up to being alright with me. I even have DailyTech RSS feeds at the top.

3. You can search for your emails.

4. They have excellent spam filters. If you have spam in your inbox, just mark it as spam and sooner or later if the same spammer is sending it to you, it just goes into your spambox.

5. You can make it so that emails from a certain address is indexed and sent to a name you make up for it.

6. Google chat

7. If you wanted, you could send emails from an email address directly to the trash can.

8. The obvious: You may have infinite space with one provider, but just because you currently have 4625 mb of space now with gmail, doesn't mean it's not infinite. Last I checked it was at around 2000mb.

9. You don't have frickin advertisements on the bottom of every email you send to someone. Which is why I hate Yahoo. Screw yahoo. Everybody uses it, because they haven't seen anything better. I'm telling you Gmail is way better!

10. Pretty much there is a lot of things you can do that I don't see happening with other providers. I also see things that are better than the other providers. I especially like not getting all that spam I see in people's Yahoo inbox not in my inbox.

By Quiescent on 11/4/2007 9:22:34 PM , Rating: 2
11. I can open it in Lynx no problems at all

12. When I upload a file or several on a nice connection, but slow computer, the file uploads quick and painless. However, everybody else takes forever uploading their files using providers like Yahoo and Hotmail.

13. When you view an image file, microsoft word, excel, powerpoint, etc file. You can either view it regularly, view it as an HTML file, download it, or use Google Documents to see it. I prefer Microsoft for editing. Google can be a pain in the rear for editing.

14. Snippets: I actually see a bit of the email before I even see it. This can be handy if spam ever gets in the inbox and you don't know if to trust it or not. Just look at what the snippet shows. Usually, if it's viagra spam, it will always have something trying to make it hard to read and bypass filters.

15. You can take an email account you're currently using, sign up for Gmail, and have Gmail act like your outlook express for that other email address.

Basically, I'm kind of scared of an upgrade so far for Gmail. I love it the way it is. I don't need anymore upgrades for my Gmail. It's not in Beta for me, either. I think it is a good final release.

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