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Blu-ray goes after the hearts and minds of journalists with special festival event by Disney

A survey of North American men and women revealed that the most coveted item for this holiday season is a high-definition television. With flat-panel displays becoming more affordable than ever, many consumers will be making the leap to high-definition.

With the majority of television programming still broadcasted in standard definition, perhaps the best source of HD content today is from a Blu-ray Disc or HD DVD player. The two warring high-definition formats know that this holiday season will be critical in their fight, and are now launching their offensives.

Backers of Blu-ray Disc this week held what it called the “Blu-ray Festival” in hopes to win over the minds of print and online journalists, according to HomeMedia Magazine. The media event occurred alongside the new Blu-ray Disc marketing campaign, which now carries the tagline, “I Do Blu.” With today’s release of Spider-Man 3, and the upcoming releases of Cars, Ratatouille, Pirates of the Caribbean and the Die Hard movies, Blu-ray Disc hopes to have a record season.

Although the release of Transformers on HD DVD sold quickly enough to set records, the Blu-ray Disc camp was quick to rain on that parade. Given to attendees of the event was a fact sheet showing that Blu-ray Disc sales during the week of October 16 managed to out sell the rival format. The sheet also lists sales of Blu-ray Disc accounting for 61 percent of all high-definition disc sales.

Blu-ray Disc-exclusive studio 20th Century Fox’s president Mike Dunn spoke out against rival studio Paramount for “taking the bait” in its decision to release high-definition movies exclusively on HD DVD. Dunn also suggested that a certain large, HD DVD-backing corporation is purposely confusing the high-definition battle in hopes that consumers will go the way of digital downloads.

The report believes that Dunn was referring to Microsoft when he blasted “the orchestrated campaigns of confusion and anti-consumerism fueled by an 800-pound gorilla that would prefer to force us all into the practice of paying tolls for the right to exchange information and enjoy entertainment.”

Meanwhile, the HD DVD camp has been rather quiet but still making moves with sub-$200 HD DVD players for sale at Wal-Mart, CircuitCity and Amazon.

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Disney Lineup?
By Mitch101 on 10/31/2007 9:56:09 AM , Rating: 2
Barely any movies have true replay value!

I own most of Disney's and Pixar's movies and only a handful are worthy of repurchasing in HD Format.

Is buying Cars in the HD version worth seeing additional sparkles in the paint? My kids will never care. The only time my kids really take notice of HD is when there is a icky bug on discovery channel. If I need to see it in HD I have a Direct Tv HDTV PVR and will have no need to purchase the movie once I have watched it several times.

Also if people only purchased Movies really worth Owning than they would have to release them on all formats to maximize profits. When Disney wont release movies in HD-DVD just means that Pirates/boot leggers will. Same goes for Transformers making a market for pirates to sell Blu-Ray versions. My buddy returned from China and has seen Pirates of the Carribean for HD-DVD so its started already but since I live in Charlotte and not near NY I cant tell if its made it here yet.

For the record I recently purchased an HD-DVD player because it cost me $159.99 ($40.00 Circuit City Rebate) and comes with a rebate of 5 free movies the same as Blu-Ray is offering now. I only own Transformers so I have room for Stocking Stuffers. If you missed this deal the A3 is going to be around $200.00 at sears on black friday. This is way cheaper than any Blu-Ray player on the market even the PS3 but thats my choice. If HD-DVD fails Im only out $159.00. I spend more in gas a month than that.

For the movies that come along only for Blu-Ray I will certainly survive using Direct Tv's HD-PVR or owning only the DVD version if I must have a copy and having it upscale on my 65" HDTV and 108" 720P home built $400.00 Projector.

Stop buying every movie you saw and stop rebuying every movie again because its in HD now most of those older movies dont look any better in HD and it wont make mediocre story lines better in HD. Get HBO-HD or Showtime-HD those old movies are on there all the time and save the $17.00-$23.00.

I will also add while a 52" screen or even on my 65" HDTV Tranformers was way fricken better on the big screen of the movie theater. I am happy to say my 108" projector does it justice even in a DVD version at 108" upscaled to 720P. While its cool that I own a really nice copy of it its a movie that is only appreciated in a super size scale. Even my 65" HDTV doesnt give you the scale that movie needs to be in to fully appreciate it. Same for Gladiator, Lord of the rings, Star Wars etc.

I bet most of you would prefer Lord of the Rings in regular definition on a big screen over it being in HD on a 60" screen. Everyone thinks my 108" running a regular DVD is much better than their HDTV running anything in HD.

Bigger is better than higher definition. Bigger and high definition rocks. Some movies are larger than life and putting them on 53" to even my 65" screen kills a lot of thier impact. To give a perfect example in the movie the Kingdom the early explosion wont have the same effect on most peoples home theater setups and thats a shame because in the Movie theater I was rocked by it. Same goes for Transformers. All the HD in the world wont make it rock unless its on a GIANT screen.

RE: Disney Lineup?
By wallijonn on 10/31/2007 11:57:33 AM , Rating: 2
Stop buying every movie you saw and stop rebuying every movie again because its in HD now most of those older movies dont look any better in HD and it wont make mediocre story lines better in HD.

If all it is is a re-scan of an old movie onto HD/BR, then yes, the quality isn't there. But if it is a re-mastering with enhancements, then it is worth the price. I had "Double Indemnity" on DVD and it cannot compare to the re-mastered version. The same goes for the James Bond movies which have been re-mastered on DVD - they blow alway the old ones.

There are cases where buying the same movie all over again is a good investment.

"We don't know how to make a $500 computer that's not a piece of junk." -- Apple CEO Steve Jobs

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