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Blu-ray goes after the hearts and minds of journalists with special festival event by Disney

A survey of North American men and women revealed that the most coveted item for this holiday season is a high-definition television. With flat-panel displays becoming more affordable than ever, many consumers will be making the leap to high-definition.

With the majority of television programming still broadcasted in standard definition, perhaps the best source of HD content today is from a Blu-ray Disc or HD DVD player. The two warring high-definition formats know that this holiday season will be critical in their fight, and are now launching their offensives.

Backers of Blu-ray Disc this week held what it called the “Blu-ray Festival” in hopes to win over the minds of print and online journalists, according to HomeMedia Magazine. The media event occurred alongside the new Blu-ray Disc marketing campaign, which now carries the tagline, “I Do Blu.” With today’s release of Spider-Man 3, and the upcoming releases of Cars, Ratatouille, Pirates of the Caribbean and the Die Hard movies, Blu-ray Disc hopes to have a record season.

Although the release of Transformers on HD DVD sold quickly enough to set records, the Blu-ray Disc camp was quick to rain on that parade. Given to attendees of the event was a fact sheet showing that Blu-ray Disc sales during the week of October 16 managed to out sell the rival format. The sheet also lists sales of Blu-ray Disc accounting for 61 percent of all high-definition disc sales.

Blu-ray Disc-exclusive studio 20th Century Fox’s president Mike Dunn spoke out against rival studio Paramount for “taking the bait” in its decision to release high-definition movies exclusively on HD DVD. Dunn also suggested that a certain large, HD DVD-backing corporation is purposely confusing the high-definition battle in hopes that consumers will go the way of digital downloads.

The report believes that Dunn was referring to Microsoft when he blasted “the orchestrated campaigns of confusion and anti-consumerism fueled by an 800-pound gorilla that would prefer to force us all into the practice of paying tolls for the right to exchange information and enjoy entertainment.”

Meanwhile, the HD DVD camp has been rather quiet but still making moves with sub-$200 HD DVD players for sale at Wal-Mart, CircuitCity and Amazon.

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RE: How to win Blu ray
By SavagePotato on 10/31/2007 12:03:11 AM , Rating: 3
Sounds like a very niche crowd to me.

RE: How to win Blu ray
By mihai on 10/31/2007 1:21:15 AM , Rating: 1
Nah... Seriously?

RE: How to win Blu ray
By AnnihilatorX on 10/31/2007 12:11:28 PM , Rating: 2
If you are at least a bit into anime you'll find foreign dubbing seriously undermine the quality of an anime.

Voice acting in Japan is a multi-billion (yen) industry that is unrivaled

RE: How to win Blu ray
By Murst on 10/31/2007 12:26:57 PM , Rating: 2
If you're into anime, don't you download the torrents as soon as they're subbed?

Like, I love watching Naruto and Bleach, and usually dattebayo has both subbed several hours after they air in Japan.

If I wanted to watch the versions on disc, I'd probably be waiting much longer than just downloading the version that aired on the same day.

RE: How to win Blu ray
By Hydrofirex on 10/31/2007 8:59:19 PM , Rating: 2
Absolutely - Dattebayo is a great example. Why wait for months and months when you can watch a series along with the Japanese audience?

If you're really into anime fan subs can actually be a better route than official subs or (especially) dubs. You tend to get less watered down translations that are more literal to what is being said. Often, fan subs include notes or explanations of lingual or cultural aspects to the episode your watching. In Inu Yasha for instance there is a lot of background into Japanese folk lore. I usually despise dubbed anime, and official subs rarely seem as good as fan subbing.

With HTPC's and internet distribution becoming more and more common I don't really see the fuss about region free either.


RE: How to win Blu ray
By Oregonian2 on 10/31/2007 5:04:54 PM , Rating: 2
Don't think so. I get a LOT of foreign films from Netflix and they've a huge number of them, I can't be the only one wanting to see something in addition to Hollywood cookie cutter formula "hit movies".

There's also foreign TV stuff like Britcoms (as in the British version of "Coupling" which is absolutely the greatest ever -- the opposite of the horrible attempted American version).

P.S. - Or in the opposite direction, try see "All ladies Do It" with the fabulous Claudia Koll (or some of Tinto Brass' other films). :-) :-)

RE: How to win Blu ray
By Oregonian2 on 10/31/2007 5:06:37 PM , Rating: 2
P.P.S. - Release "All Ladies Do It" on Blu-ray and I'll buy a copy even if I don't have a player yet! :-)

RE: How to win Blu ray
By Oregonian2 on 10/31/2007 8:09:25 PM , Rating: 2
P.P.P.S. - Ones I do see usually have subtitles, so that might count as "translated" in which I agree in the niche premise other than for foreign films where the language is what I speak anyway (British films for instance). Dubbed ones usually are worse (although sometimes not bad). The Claudia Koll film I mention would still be great even not understanding a word. :-)

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