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If two iPods can get a Vista driver article, imagine what two high-end video cards yields.  (Source: DailyTech)
When I used to review hardware, a slick gift was a polo shirt

I can't tell you the amount of USB thumb drives I've received over the last couple years.  It first started innocent enough: 128MB drives to hold 100MB presentations.  Unfortunately, over the last year or so the companies are more aggressive -- 1GB and 2GB modules "just for showing up."

"Keep the drive," the agencies say. "Our gift."

Its easy to overlook the odd thumbdrive.  It's not so easy to overlook an iPod Nano ... or two.  At my old company, AnandTech, anything that cost more than the price of shipping went back to the vendor, including the unsolicited stuff.

Reviewers are certainly not shy about accepting such gifts. Hardware.FR proudly included two iPod Nanos sporting the NVIDIA SLI logo in a recent satire filler (English) regarding NVIDIA's Vista SLI performance.  It's a little unfair to single-out Hardware.FR, given that it took me no less than five minutes to confirm several other publications received the same gift.

It's bad enough when the rogue reviewer puts an unreleased next-generation video card on eBay.  It's even worse when someone starts hawking the lagniappe as well.

To the reviewers: C'mon guys, do you really need the money that bad?  Does anyone need proof of the effects of sloth and hubris on the tech journalism industry?

To NVIDIA: Shame on you.  If your presentation was not able to capture the attention spans of reviewers without placing it on a pair of MP3 players, it shouldn't have been sent out.

NVIDIA has an embargo lift on its GeForce 8800 GT (codename G92) on Monday.  The prudent reader should ask, "Am I reading a thoughtout analysis, or am I reading something coerced by two shiny new iPods?"

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RE: So
By James Holden on 10/27/2007 1:12:02 PM , Rating: 2
The relevance of course (the author knows this) with the iPod is that PortalPlayer makes the display chip, and nVIDIA bought PortalPlayer.

No, Apple dropped PortalPlayer for the iPod Nano a year ago. And you know this as well.

Not to mention that an iPod Nano has *NOTHING* to do with SLI does it?

RE: So
By The Jedi on 10/30/2007 10:57:26 AM , Rating: 2
No, Apple dropped PortalPlayer for the iPod Nano a year ago. And you know this as well.

That's news to me, for all I care.

Not to mention that an iPod Nano has *NOTHING* to do with SLI does it?

Y'know, they give out gifts like T-shirts, pens, hats, and other trinkets often at press events and conventions. Personally I wouldn't own or use an iPod. I just thought I'd raise my PoV that if it is... bordering on buying a review, currying favor, providing just enough positive tilt, y'know an adult like Kristopher sees this, but he doesn't necessarily have to mail it back. I figure nVIDIA has their connections so it wouldn't cost them a lot.

This blog calling this out is significant, and necessary. I was just thinking more about the cost of travel.

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