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Acer could be world's third largest PC maker with Gateway acquisition complete

Acer is known as the top PC vendor in Taiwan, but here in the United States Acer doesn't give much competition to likes of HP and Dell.

In August, DailyTech reported that Acer announced it would purchase Gateway for $710 million USD. The move specifically allows Acer to gain market share in the United States. The purchase price raised the ire of some Gateway shareholders who claim that Gateway was worth well over the selling price Acer paid.  In September,   Gateway shareholders had filed two separate lawsuits over the purchase.

Acer wasn’t content to snap up Gateway alone and opted to purchase Packard Bell, which DailyTech covered this month. The purchase of Packard Bell will also help improve Acer market share in countries other than America.

Reuters reports that Acer and Lenovo have been fighting it out for the title of the world’s third largest PC maker with Lenovo reportedly carrying a reported 8.2% share of the PC marketplace worldwide and Acer reportedly carrying 8.1% of the worldwide PC market share.

Reuters says that with the Gateway purchase finalized this month Acer may now own the world’s third largest PC manufacturer title. With the acquisitions and increased demand for laptop computers, Acer profits are soaring.

Acer reported on Thursday its net profit of $90 million USD for the third financial quarter that ended in September. Analyst David Chang from Macquarie told Reuters that Acer sales growth was expected to grow in the fourth quarter on higher than expected laptop demand, but that long-term concerns about the Gateway purchase was keeping the neutral rating for Acer.

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<3 acer
By Joz on 10/27/2007 9:04:56 PM , Rating: 1
I switched my HP to an Acer a few months ago, very, happy.

15.4" WXGA (widescreen) 16.2mc
1.8ghz Sempron
Xpress 200M
1gb DDR
80GB HD 5400RPM
1 hour of battery life (if.) (internet browsing)
~$400 when I got it. Returned it the next day, couldnt stand vista on a sempron and would not allow me to reformat or install XP in anyway.

brought an acer at bestbuy durring their "Lets sell our Acer products cheap and get rid of them." week.

15.4" (normal screen.) Anti-Glare and "BriteView" XGA, 16.7mc
Pentium Dual-Core T2060 (aka: 1mb Core 2 Duo on 533FSB)
1GB DDR2 (upgraded to 2GB for $25)
80GB 4200RPM
2:30-3:00+++ battery life. (internet browsing)

unintalled vista, poped in Xp Pro, 10x faster, 10x better, and 10x nicer looking then the "make-uped" HP.

However, I would still like a Thinkpad or Vostro with:
Core 2 Duo (1.8ghz)
8400M GT
8GB SSD(for XP Pro) + 60GB 1.8" 4200RPM (for Diablo 2, AOE 2, CS, Halo, PS5, 6, 7, CS1, CS2 and a few other programs I use.)
14" SXGA+ or UXGA

but those are still too damn expensive, so ill be happy with my Acer :D

RE: <3 acer
By char1320 on 10/28/2007 12:05:53 PM , Rating: 2
I think the Pentium Dual Core T2060 is more closely related to the Core Duo line since it's based on the Yonah core, but either way it's a pretty decent machine.

"Nowadays you can buy a CPU cheaper than the CPU fan." -- Unnamed AMD executive
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