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Toshiba says no to Xbox 360 HD DVD inclusion

Last Friday, Australian website Smarthouse claimed to have word from a Toshiba representative saying that Microsoft and Toshiba are working on an Xbox 360-based entertainment machine that will incorporate an HD DVD drive.

The information ran contrary to what Microsoft has said in the past regarding the never including an HD DVD drive in the Xbox 360 for cost reasons, and that DVD media is still perfectly adequate for this generation of games.

The speculated machine discussed last week, however, supposedly would not be a strict gaming machine, but rather a home media box.

UK-based Stuff spoke with a local Toshiba contact regarding the report and received a denial of development for any such product. “It’s got nothing to do with us,” said the Toshiba representative. “But we know Microsoft doesn’t want to include the HD DVD drive so as not to limit the user’s experience.”

With the rapidly falling prices of HD DVD hardware, it’s conceivable that Microsoft could add an HD DVD drive in a variant of its Xbox 360 console at minimal charge. The added ability to play HD DVD movies would provide a strong bullet point feature to match-up against the PlayStation 3’s Blu-ray Disc playback. Furthermore, with the addition of HDMI in all new production Xbox 360 consoles (though still lacking proper lossless audio output), Microsoft’s machine is one step closer to becoming a full-HD DVD standalone replacement.

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RE: Strong bullet point, I think not..
By Mitch101 on 10/24/2007 3:24:06 PM , Rating: 3
I think it might be worse for Sony if Microsoft offered a Blu-Ray internally on a 360 then there might be no reason at all to buy a PS3. The PS3 has no killer games but one. The blu-ray drive is the only function that gives the PS3 possible promise.

People believing that the Blu-Ray will win the format wars will buy a PS3 because the PS3 is cheaper than the set top players.

If Microsoft offered a Blu-Ray in a Xbox 360 for the same price there might not be any reason at all to buy a PS3.

Of course this will never happen because Blu-Ray gives Sony money and by having a format war it adds uncertainty to buy a PS3 should Blu-Ray fail to win the war. Your then stuck with a game machine that doesnt have any killer games.

If the 360 doesnt get an internal HD-DVD then I will be putting a Media Center PC in the living room. Game over for whatever format becomes the winner.

By mdogs444 on 10/24/2007 3:30:23 PM , Rating: 2
Sony cannot even sell a PS3 at a low price point because of its Blue Ray drive. In fact, no manufacturer is selling a Blue Ray player cheap becuase of its cost.

Why in the world would Microsoft want to adapt the Sony method of creating a console that would be the price of a PS3 or even more? Thats why the PS3's number are so low to begin with.

So in short, one could make the argument that HD-DVD will win, the Xbox 360 is the console with the best games, and that its middle price point is where it needs to be. What does that say? It says already that some believe there is already no point to buying a PS3.

But this is all hypothetical on HD-DVD being around long enough to win, which as of right now, is no more relevant than BD is to sticking around for the long haul.

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