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Epic Studios' Gears of War will be available for the PC on Nov. 9

Epic Games last week announced that its widely popular Gears of War video game has gone gold and will be available to PC gamers on Tuesday, Nov. 6.  Our European friends will be able to get a hold of GoW for Windows on Friday, Nov. 9.  The original Microsoft Xbox 360 version of the game has sold more than four million copies worldwide.

During the E3 Media & Business Summit 2007 held in southern California last July, Microsoft confirmed Gears of Wars would be a "Games for Windows" video game.

Similar to the Xbox 360 edition I know some of you play, Marcus Fenix and his buddies are again responsible for saving the world.  The PC version of GoW will offer five new campaigns and three PC only multiplayer maps, along with a King of the Hill mode.  Seven multiplayer maps and the annex game mode are offered to Xbox 360 gamers through the Xbox live marketplace, but will ship built-in with the PC edition of the game.  Creative gamers will have access to the Unreal Editor game editor, which is a content creation tool offered by Epic.

Gamers have the ability to choose between the traditional keyboard and mouse combination, or can use a Windows-enabled Xbox 360 controller.

A Mac OS X version of GoW is being developed by Epic, but a possible release date remains unknown.

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