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This man is suspected to be Christopher Neil, who used a swirl filter on his face in images depicting sex acts with children.  (Source: Interpol)

A photo of Neil taken by Thai immigration officials on October 11.  (Source: Interpol)

A photo of Neil submitted to Interpol (left) and one of the unscrambled photos of the suspect (right).  (Source: Interpol)
Interpol finds success in blasting the man’s face across the internet

As it turns out, Interpol’s pleas for help in searching for the “swirly-faced” child molester have met with success: Canadian national Christopher Neil – the man behind the Photoshop filter – was found and arrested in Thailand, on suspicion of sex crimes against young boys.
According to local police reports, Neil had been in Thailand for not more than a week, abruptly leaving his teaching position in South Korea immediately after his picture was broadcast worldwide. He was spotted by airport security cameras in Thailand, sporting a shaved head and glasses. To quote Reuters, the search for Neil was “a manhunt to rival [the] search for JonBenet Ramsey murder suspect Mark Karr.”
Thailand issued a warrant for Neil’s arrest, based on accusations that he paid for oral sex from two Thai teenagers, who were aged 9 and 14 at the time. A trace was executed on Neil’s boyfriend’s cell phone, and he was pinpointed to a remote province called Nakhon Ratchasima, about 150 miles northeast of Bangkok and “well off the normal tourist trail.” The two had been travelling around to different provinces and were “probably on the run,” said tourist police chief Chuchart Suwannakom.
Interpol was originally apprehensive about posting the unscrambled photographs online, partly because it would signal to other crooks that they were capable of descrambling the swirl pattern – and possibly other obfuscation techniques – and partly out of respect for the perpetrator’s family and privacy. However, it was decided that the need to find him outweighed these concerns, and so his image was posted online a little over a week ago. The response was nothing short of torrential: over 200 different responses were received within the first 12 hours of the posting.
It appears that this case is closed, as Interpol has mountains of photographic evidence against the suspect. If convicted, Neil faces up to 20 years in a Thai prison, notwithstanding additional punishment from his home country of Canada, which has laws against child sex crimes committed abroad, if it chooses to seek extradition.

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Problems with the world
By wordsworm on 10/21/2007 2:26:37 AM , Rating: 2
Before I get into my rant, I don't want people here to think I'm promoting what this guy did. I just want to put it into context.

First of all, the US, and the world, are scared of sex. Beating the crap out of someone, apparently, isn't as bad as paying some hungry kid for a bj. But I want to get a little deeper into it.

Is a bj really that bad? Maybe you'll say, 'ok, for an adult it's ok, but for a minor it's bad.' I figure that you're right. But to the extent that most here are posting ultraviolence to a guy who didn't force the boys shows a real problem with a lot of the posters. It's not the act itself that really gets you, it's the chance to outlet your worst violent urges on someone.

Quite frankly, I find American heroes like Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods to be more morally repugnant. I try to imagine what I would prefer, getting a little money for the occasional bj, or getting a lot less money for working 12h+/6 days a week in a toxic shoe factory so that some multimillionaire American hero sportsmen can get their millions by sponsoring Nike? Maybe some of you will jump on the idea, 'hey! he must be gay!' No, I'm not gay. 'Hey, he doesn't know what it's like to be given money for a bj.' In this case, you're right. I never had to do that just to get some money to feed my family. But between the dystopia of what those kids go through in those factories and starvation vs. the dystopia of having to choose between the bj and starvation, I think I'd go with the latter for the simple fact that at least I could make enough money so that maybe one day I wouldn't have to do it. The kids in the factories get paid so little that most of them have no hope. The children who provide sexual services actually get a fair bit more money for what they do than the factory kids. I'm basing this on what I've read female prostitutes have written, stating that at McDonalds they get paid nearly nothing and they have to work long hours, whereas with prostitution, provided they make it through without any STDs, they can amass enough cash to actually do something with their lives. Between the two jobs they say prostitution is better. Again, I'm not advocating that it should happen. I'm just saying that people who are making millions every year off of a worse case scenario than what these two boys went through sits worse in my stomach than what this teacher did. I do think he belongs in prison, right between Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods, and all the other people who are making a ton of money off of those poor kids, not to mention McDonalds and every other corporation and/or star who profit from the rape of these kids and their future.

Links to Nike and child labor
cool photo

When you guys who are all happy about dumping on this guy for doing what he did take a look at your shoe collection, I want you to take a minute to think about how your money encouraged the rape of thousands of kids of their childhood, and how whatever punishment you think is fit for this guy is also good for the people who sponsor child labor. I know I'll get downrated the moment I hit 'post comment.' People don't like to look at themselves for what they really are: a part of the problem. It's much easier to point the finger at someone else.

RE: Problems with the world
By sxr7171 on 10/21/2007 11:37:06 AM , Rating: 2
OK you have some points there worth thinking about. However you have to understand that when an adult decides to take a life of prostitution they are old enough to understand what they are doing. A child has no idea what is going on.

In fact it is even sick to think you could shift blame from those sick people who create a "market" for such disgusting acts. Soliciting sex from a minor is not normal behavior and we really don't want these people in society.

How would you like it if some person like this approached your child for a BJ and got it because your child some ice cream and didn't know better. Children are innocent and these perverts are taking advantage of that. You are assuming that the child is capable of understanding the choice they have and that is clearly not true.

I will agree that poverty places children around the world in situations where they are more likely to be approached by a child molester but the same could happen right here in the US.

These people are sick and while I don't care for ultra-violence against the guy, I want him off our streets. Apart from that put him in jail, therapy, whatever but not on our streets.

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