Apple drops prices on some DRM-free music tracks to $0.99

Over the last several months, several companies announced DRM-free music online. This move is met with great appreciation by music fans who are tired of DRM laden music that can’t play on all their devices.

DailyTech reported in August that Wal-Mart was adding DRM-free music to its online music store at $0.94 cents per track. Also in August LimeWire announced it would open an online store to sell DRM-free tracks as well. In an update to DailyTech LimeWire revealed that it would sell DRM-free tracks at $0.99 per track.

Today Apple unofficially announced it will lower the price of some of its DRM-free iTunes tracks to $0.99 per track as well. Wired’s Gadget Lab is reporting that some of the DRM-free tracks on iTunes are still priced above the $0.99 number.

Whether this reduction in the price of some DRM-free tunes on iTunes is a reflection of a larger change in price for all DRM-free music in the store, or simply a change in the price of certain tracks is unknown at this time. As Gadget Lab points out, Apple does love its one tier pricing so reducing all the music prices over time would make sense.

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