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Intel plans to develop new CPU architecture for ultra-low cost laptop computers

Intel isn’t content to cede any portion of the CPU market to rival AMD and to compete on all fronts -- including the OLPC market -- Intel plans to develop a new CPU architecture.

No current Intel processors fit the specifications for the one laptop per child notebook program (OLPC), so Intel is designing a new processor specifically for the ultra-low cost laptop category where the AMD 433MHz Geode LX-700 reigns king.

Few specifications on the new Intel architecture are known at this time, other than it will be cheap and aimed at the specifications of the AMD processor currently being used in the OLPC system. Yahoo! News is reporting that Intel considered using existing mobile processors including modified versions of the Celeron M and the upcoming Silverthorne processors, which were specifically designed for mobile systems.

Those processors were ruled out because Intel says the small size, low cost and low power consumption required by the OLPC laptop are unique enough to warrant a new architecture. While Intel processors aren’t powering the official OLPC, Intel parts are used in similar systems including the Classmate PC and the ASUS Eee.

The ASUS Eee PC will be shipping soon and is going to be sold through and Best Buy. That system features a 7-inch screen and should be quite power efficient. However, the retail price for the system is more than the target cost of the OLPC, which originally was aiming at a $100 price tag.

Prices for the official OLPC system have since increased significantly over the original $100 target.

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olpc has created a new market
By nerdye on 10/15/2007 11:46:08 PM , Rating: 2
I remember a while ago, when the olpc was first announced, the masses scoffed, slightly at the fact of how do you keep a cheap laptop powered in a third world country, but mostly, how do you sell a profitable or even break even 100$-ish laptop? The olpc has proven that an arm crank is a moderately viable way to provide a laptop power in circumstances where its necessary. The likes of Asus with their EEE portable pc have also proven that 200$ US base price can buy a near 1ghz cpu, 512mb ram, and a decent wide screen with a distribution of Linux in the laptop package designed for the bargain based community.

Now we speculate what can 100$ do if those are the specs of a 200$ EEE. It will indeed be interesting to see what intel delivers. The only point of my long winded post though, is would there be such a strong ultra mobile bargain pc market such as the upcoming asus EEE without the original OLPC product announcements that shocked us all, as 500$ seemed like the bargain basement of laptops of times past?

RE: olpc has created a new market
By oTAL on 10/16/2007 9:08:06 AM , Rating: 2
The olpc has proven that an arm crank is a moderately viable way to provide a laptop power in circumstances where its necessary.

Actually, the arm crank proved unreliable so they removed it from the final design.

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