Should fans be optimistic or pessimistic?

The biggest gaming news the past couple of days has to be Electronic Arts purchasing two game studios for a massive chunk of change:  $860 million.  That's right, BioWare Corp. and Pandemic Studios will now be operated under EA's wing, for better or for worse.  

According to EA, the two game studios are currently developing 10 new titles that gamers can look forward to.  It looks like EA plans to release at least four and five games per year over the next few years from its newest game studios.  Video games created by BioWare and Pandemic have a large following, and EA hopes to cash in on loyalty shown by gamers.

As the largest independent video game publisher in the world, the company has received harsh criticism in numerous comments right here on DailyTech, including in the article we published yesterday.  In fact, many gamers expressed a bit of disappointment that EA has two new companies it can potentially ruin in an amazingly short amount of time.  If you doubt the significance of the purchase, more than just DailyTech readers are speaking their mind - a blog published on The Age received a lot of negative comments from readers, with most readers predicting nothing but gloom.

Did EA overpay a bit?  I think paying $860 million was a justifiable action, especially if alienated gamers become excited about future EA game titles.

Considering how I believe EA's game catalog still is rather lackluster, I hope the company is able to make sure BioWare and Pandemic continue to create great titles that gamers will actually want to purchase and play.  Investors with shares in EA will hopefully have something to be cheerful about over the next few years, assuming revenue does increase the way EA hopes it will.

E-mails sent to EA, BioWare and Pandemic were unforunately not returned in time for this blog.

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