Australian government propose regulations that would ban most plasma HDTVs

The popularity of large plasma and LCD HDTV sets is increasing at a swift pace across the world. The bigger and brighter the screens on the HDTVs get, the more power the sets require to operate.

Australian home theater fans looking to buy large screen plasma and LCD HDTVs may find it’s impossible to purchase them by 2011. The Australian federal government commissioned a report that found the popularity of high power drawing TVs like plasmas and LCD TVs are growing.

The government is proposing a new energy rating system based on six stars to alert consumers regarding the power performance of TVs. The Australian Broadcasting Company (ABC) is reporting that under this proposed plan the majority of current plasma HDTVs wouldn’t meet requirements and would be removed from sale.

The report further suggests that minimum energy performance standards be adopted to eliminate poor performing products from sale in Australia. According to Tim O’Keefe, Australian Digital Suppliers Industry Forum coordinator, the problem with the plan is that it’s unrealistic to expect manufacturers to meet proposed guidelines so soon. O’Keefe is quoted by ABC as saying, “It's just totally unreasonable considering that we're a very small part of the global market.”

Gene McGlynn, Australian Greenhouse Office spokesman, counters O’ Keefe telling ABC, “By the time the standard came into place, with the industry knowing that the these standards are coming in, they can adjust their supply chains to make sure that the products will [meet the requirements].” By 2011 when the proposed regulations would go into effect plasma HDTVs could be replaced by alternate technology like SED TVs or OLED TVs that could potentially reduce energy requirements.

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