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Men and women want high-definition televisions for their holiday gift

Tech gadgets are increasingly becoming hot coveted items, as found by a Solutions Research Group. More than three-quarters of the 1,200 American men and women surveyed had at least one digital lifestyle products on their holiday season wish lists.

By far the most popular item on everyone’s tech list is a flat-screen high-definition television, making up 35 percent of mentions in the subgroup. Interestingly enough, those very same that put HDTVs on their lists may not use the technology to its full potential. Only 6 percent listed Blu-ray Disc or HD DVD players and only 2 percent intended to get HD boxes from their cable or satellite company.

Some of those HDTVs, however, maybe used for high-definition gaming. For men’s top 10 lists, the PlayStation 3 led all consoles at sixth spot, with both Xbox 360 and Wii taking ninth and tenth, respectively. When considering women’s wishlists, the Wii was the only games machine in the top 10, listed at eighth. With both genders combined, the Wii became the most desired console at eighth, just one spot ahead of the PS3.

Common wants for both men and women were HDTV, laptop computers, digital still cameras, digital video cameras, desktop computers, GPS car navigation systems, Nintendo Wii and cell phones.

Despite the broad appeal of its products, Apple did not show up on the overall top 10 list. The iPhone was specifically named for 15th place, with the MacBook at 11th. Women appeared to prefer Apple computers more than men, placing the MacBook at ninth place.

For more on the Digital Life America – Holiday 2007 Edition report, see the full news release (PDF).

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RE: HD content
By Oregonian2 on 10/15/2007 6:19:13 PM , Rating: 2
Digital cables are also analog, the difference is that the ADC/DAC converters work differently.

Yes they are analog in the purest physical-layer networking sense. But in terms of ADC/DAC's and the image content, no they're are pure digital with the information encoded into 1's and 0's. The video is not converted between digital and analog to be put on the cable (and then back again in the TV). It's only analog in the sense that all digital signals are in reality analog even if the information being transferred isn't. I've been a mostly digital EE for thirty years, and I fuss with pico-seconds in my timing and am aware of the analog aspects in the controlled impedance and terminated transmission lines I use. It's analog transmission of digital signals in which video is encoded -- its not the analog transmission of video.

Sure, with HDMI/DVI you will get the best picture quality, but only up to 5 meters (10 meters with quality cables). After that the degrading is exponential, because interference affects the low bits the same as high bits (player could send 0x35, receiver may get 0xF5...huge difference).

Digital cabling works for the distances for which it was designed (although one certainly can buy cheap junk that doesn't meet spec). Personally, our longest HDMI cable is about 1.5 meters long.

In any case, should it be needed, FEC coding likely would eliminate any data errors even if there are analog ones.

"Digital" per se, can go long distances. Video is sent digitally to geosynchronous satellites and back (DirecTV, etc) for instance. No cable at all -- wireless. Just a matter of using the system designed for the task at hand. In the case of regular DVD players with built in upconverters (that this thread is about), I think putting the DVD player within reasonable high-quality HDMI cable distance of the set will be practical in the vast majority of cases.

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