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  (Source: Interpol)

Interpol released these images to enlist public assistance in tracking down this unidentified man.  (Source: Interpol)
Authorities post his face publicly and receive a torrent of replies

A man suspected of sexually abusing children was publicly unmasked last Monday when Interpol successfully unscrambled images of his face. Crops of the scrambled and unscrambled images were posted to Interpol’s website, along with a public plea for help, as all police efforts at identifying him thus far have failed.
Working from the original images found on the internet, specialists from the Bundeskriminalamt, or Germany’s Federal Criminal Police Office were able to successfully reverse what appears to be Photoshop’s twirl distortion tool, using unspecified methods. “Techniques are always developing. What is impossible today is possible tomorrow,” said Anders Persson, the Swedish police officer in charge of overseeing Interpol’s child abuse image database.
The images, which were taken in Cambodia and Vietnam sometime during 2002 and 2003, have been making the rounds around the internet underground in a series of about 200 images depicting the abuse of 12 young boys, whose ages range from six to the early teens.
Persson was initially hesitant to release the photos publicly, as it would signal to criminals that police forces were capable of unblurring images. Outweighing that consideration, however, was his interest in protecting other children from predators. “It was a long discussion,” said Persson, “… we have exhausted all possibilities within [the] police to find this man … this was the last step.”
For decades the scrambling of images – usually with a mosaic or blur filter – has been common practice in protecting private information and safeguarding the identities of publicly pictured individuals. In an article titled “Why Blurring Sensitive Information is a Bad Idea,” Dheera Venkatraman outlines the method for a possible attack against scrambled images using a technique similar to rainbow table attacks that are used against one-way scrambled hashes frequently used for storing passwords. His conclusion: “don’t blur your images!”
Interpol received over 200 messages in the first 12 hours after releasing images of the man’s face. “We have a lot of responses and they are coming from all over the world,” said Persson, with some messages including detailed information that includes names and addresses.

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Guys, get off the crap
By Christopher1 on 10/11/2007 1:13:17 AM , Rating: -1
Pedosexuals like myself have been around since the beginning of mankind and earlier than that. It is simply a NORMAL sexuality that some people don't like because they like to thing their 'little angels' are asexual.

Personally, I was having sexual relationships with other children when I was 3 and adult and teenagers when I was 7. Did I ever feel that I was 'abused'? No, because I was smart enough to realize that as long as I like what was being done to me it was okay.

Do you really think that telling pedosexuals "We will kill you!" if you find them doinking your son or daughter is going to do anything?
No, it is just going to force pedosexuals underground, where they will realize that their only way to get sexual gratification is to kidnap, rape and perhaps kill boys and girls, sorta like they are starting to do RIGHT NOW! .

If you really want to solve the 'problem', realize that pedosexuals are normal, legalize pedosexuality and the actions connected with it, start pushing more responsibility on the children and telling them that their bodies are their own and that they have the right to decide for THEMSELVES who has sex with them and touches then and who doesn't do those two things, and stick to it even if they decide to be sexually active with adults, and allow adults and others to ask children for sexual encounters IN FRONT OF OTHER PEOPLE with those people forbidden to interfere unless the guy has another reason for people to think that he is dangerous besides his sexual orientation, and start spending more time with your children if you truly don't want them to be sexually active.

The only thing you "kill 'em all!" people are doing is making MORE children and teenagers be forcibly raped and murdered, not less, and EVEN THE POLICE are starting to realize that.

Personally, I am a very good person who.... yes, is sexually attracted to all females down to birth! However...... I don't think it is wrong, I just think I don't have the religious sexual bullshit in me that you do and I don't think that sex is something that 'harms' anyone unless someone else tells someone that a non-forcible, consensual act harms them!

RE: Guys, get off the crap
By WileCoyote on 10/11/2007 2:24:26 AM , Rating: 1
<- grabs a bucket of popcorn.

Let the flaming begin.

RE: Guys, get off the crap
By Mach Omega on 10/11/2007 2:30:13 AM , Rating: 3
I rated this guy up because I don't want this hidden. Since it's illegal for me to threaten you let's just say that I UNEQUIVOCALLY disagree and I am DYING to show you just how much.

RE: Guys, get off the crap
By Hans Malherbe on 10/11/2007 1:25:04 PM , Rating: 5
Pedosexuals like myself have been around since the beginning of mankind and earlier than that

Yes, they have, but they never get any demographic traction because people kept killing them off.

Personally, I was having ... when I was 3 ...

I don't believe this. I have three theories:

1 When you hit 7, your uncle upgraded to your little brother. You felt abandoned and had only a little sister to console you.
2 In the womb, you mistook the gynaecologist's examination for sexual relations originating from your mother. Everything went downhill from there.
3 You are a mutation. Your father stole radio-active waste material from the plant to sell as scrap. One of the sperm cells came out with three flagella. Your egg-part never had a change.

Am I close?

No, it is just going to force pedosexuals underground,

This is a popular argument for the unpopular but the good news is that the forces of economics are at work here. If the supply of children stays the same and the cost goes up, the demand goes down.

start pushing more responsibility on the children and telling them that their bodies are their own and that they have the right to decide for THEMSELVES

So how do you push more responsibility to a baby girl at birth? You know, those ones that you are usually attracted to.

The only thing you "kill 'em all!" people are doing is

... decreasing the demand by increasing the cost.

Another perspective :
Did you know that the Portuguese Man O' War is a colony of specialised organisms? If one of the individual organisms threaten the long term survival of the bluebottle, there are response mechanisms that deal with this. Maybe humans are also acting as parts of a bigger organism.
But I'm no threat to the human species!
Well, the organism and the time-line is scaled up, but the violent responses here should tell you something. If you see a strange spot on a jellyfish and other jelly cells attacking it, it probably is because the spot is bad for the jelly.

Sorry for the coherent response, it's because I don't have a baby girl. I just hope that I do my civic duty if ever I get unrestricted access to one of you.

RE: Guys, get off the crap
By Captain Orgazmo on 10/12/2007 1:42:15 AM , Rating: 2
Holy crap there is something seriously wrong with you. Looking at some of your previous posts you have mentioned your taste for porn (now we all know it is child porn), and also for manga (probably the really fucked up stuff involving schoolgirls and tentacles and so on). So I would really suggest you get some help. And by help, I mean end your own life.

"My sex life is pretty good" -- Steve Jobs' random musings during the 2010 D8 conference

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