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With Crysis, they're not just system requirements, they're system demands

Crysis will be the landmark game this year for hardcore PC gamers to prove that their platform of choice is technically superior to the newest consoles. Of course, the required hardware to run Crysis costs far more than a $400 console, but that’s always been the case with the cutting edge of PC gaming.

After months of guess work surrounding the system requirements of Crysis, the official specifications were released today. Gamers running Windows Vista will need slightly faster systems with more memory than those still using Windows XP.

Minimum System Requirements
OS Windows XP or Windows Vista
Processor 2.8 GHz or faster (XP) or 3.2 GHz or faster (Vista)
Memory 1.0 GB RAM (XP) or 1.5 GB RAM (Vista)
Video Card 256 MB
Hard Drive 12GB
Sound Card DirectX 9.0c compatible

Supported Processors:
Intel Pentium 4 2.8 GHz (3.2 GHz for Vista) or faster
Intel Core 2.0 GHz (2.2 GHz for Vista) or faster
AMD Athlon 2800+ (3200+ for Vista) or faster.

Supported Video Cards:
NVIDIA GeForce 6800 GT or greater; ATI Radeon 9800 Pro (Radeon X800 Pro for Vista) or greater. Laptop versions of these chipsets may work but are not supported. Integrated chipsets are not supported. Updates to your video and sound card drivers may be required.

Recommended System Requirements
OS Windows XP / Vista
Processor Intel Core 2 DUO @ 2.2GHz or AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400+
Memory 2.0 GB RAM
GPU NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS/640 or similar

Unfortunately, those with minimum spec machines can expect Crysis to look nothing like what they’ve seen so far in video and screenshots. Crytek’s CEO, Cevat Yerli, explained to GameSpot, “The quality of Crysis running on [minimum spec hardware] does equal the shading and texture quality of games that are about three years old, but with polygonal detail that is bigger then (sic) games from that same generation. The scaling happens in various areas, such as shading-quality, texture-resolution, shadows. View distance and interactivity are close to Far Cry.”

Yerli later added, “I am happy that we managed to scale down Crysis--which is on average 10 times more pushy than Far Cry--down to Far Cry specs. But Crysis is a high-end game that shall define what's now and in the future. Enjoy it as such as much as you can. It's like a concept car available and affordable now. I like also this quote somebody gave: "It's like a sexy blond girl with a PhD degree," upon which I said, "But with curly hair."”

Crysis is set to release to retail on November 16, with the playable demo available on October 26.

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RE: lame
By goku on 10/9/2007 10:00:25 PM , Rating: -1
"Umm, are you all right in the head? You basiclly just said that Half-life 2 is really just a more bloated version of Half-life. Sure if you are running a computer that has hardware that was good when half-life was first introduced, you could expect Half-life 2 to look a lot like it (and in DX 7 mode, it does kind of look like half-life). "

HA! Thank you for bringing up this point as I had recently forgotten about this. Infact HL2 is the perfect example of efficient engine design. I don't know if you're aware of this but you can infact run HL2 on a DX6 video card. I don't consider HL2 to be a bloated engine at all! The only reason why the minimum requirements are higher in HL2 is due to the improved textures and the AI (from a minimum standpoint). You can get by with a 32MB DX6 video card just fine. However if you try running say Rainbow Six Ravenshield (which btw has a 32MB video card requirement) on a Rage 128Pro, you're SOL! That game came out in around april 2003, a full year and a half before HL2 was released. On the otherhand, running HL2 on any DX6 32MB video card is a very real possibility.

See if you're getting improved textures and AI, which is a step up already from what a highend system got from when HL1 was released (around anyways, maybe a full year later) then Crysis should be the same but from the sounds of things it ISN'T. Instead you're getting an equal if not less gameplay environment on a minimum requirement system.

So to summerize this, a highend system for the time of HL1 would get some sort of improvement in AI and Graphics going from HL1 to HL2. However from what they're saying, going from Farcry to Crysis will not yeild the same result and may be worse. The only guaranteed thing you get with crysis like you do with HL2 is a different/possibly improved story line.

RE: lame
By Cogman on 10/9/2007 11:48:21 PM , Rating: 3
Nice try Half-Life 2 MINIMUM requirements

"# Processor: [b]1.2[/b] GHz Processor
# OS: Windows, 2000/XP/Me/98
# Graphic card: DirectX [b]7[/b] level graphics card
# Hard Drive: 4.5 GB
# Memory: [b]256[/b] MB RAM
# Other: Internet Connection, DVD-ROM Drive"

Half-life 1 [b]Recommended[/b] requirements
" * Pentium 166 MHz
* 32 MB RAM
* Windows 95/98/NT4
* SVGA video card
* Windows-compatible sound card
* 2x CD-ROM drive
* 400 MB hard-disk space."

Thanks for Playing, but there is no way in hell you could run Half-life 2 on the half-life recommended settings, therefore by your logic it must be bloat ware. (oh, and it is DirectX 7 not 6, it looks like you weren't aware of it either).

It looks like you haven't read anything about crysis, do yourself a favor and watch a few video clips. You are definitely getting new ai and completely different gameplay. It is definitely not like farcry is, it just might LOOK a little like farcry.

Oh, and btw, Just about ANY AI is an improvement on the Half-Life original AI. They where some of the dumbest around. FarCry was harolded for its advanced AI, considering that Cyrsis is NOT just Farcry with some special features added, I can only see the AI improving.

And one more LOL for you trying to say that HL2 could be run with Half-Life 1 Hardware. LOL!

RE: lame
By Lakku on 10/10/2007 6:23:31 AM , Rating: 3
I liked this post, until you started making fun of Half-Life's AI. It may not be great by today's standards, but at the time, it was a helluva lot better then most other games AI. In fact, that was a big reason it won almost every game of the year award. It more or less started the trend of games having AI as a top issue, as opposed to Doom like games with zombie like AI. Everything else in the post seems ok though!

RE: lame
By Axbattler on 10/28/2007 3:42:54 AM , Rating: 2
Off-topicness: Personally, I never quite understood the hype about the AI or enjoyed the game like many gamers and critics have. I wasn't expecting the equivalent of "Deep Blue" for FPS, and I did try to like the game, but it wasn't until the mods (TFC/CS) that I found HL worthy of the money I've paid. I was so put off that I didn't rush to buy HL2 on release (but later found out that it was I game I could enjoy as much as critics have).

RE: lame
By goku on 10/28/2007 9:48:23 AM , Rating: 2
Sure you can't run HL2 on HL1 recommended hardware, however you CAN run HL2 on HIGH END hardware of 1999 which is more or less the time when HL1 came out. That said, could they have done a better job with HL2? Yes... Could they have not hurt my FPS with the release of the HDR update 2 years ago? (HDR Not enabled no less!) Possibly..

My point is, HL2 proves you can make a good looking game and scale it down to work on older hardware, Crysis on the otherhand doesn't seem to do that job very well. I won't know until I try it out my system but from the sounds of things, it doesn't scale nearly as well as HL2 does. Just because Valve could've done a better job, it doesn't mean they didn't do an excellent job of scaling the engine down when you compare it to other games.

And oh one more thing, just because the BOX says minimum requirements, it doesn't mean you can't run it on older hardware without it being playable. That said, I've seen games that state a minimum requirement that are far too generous in the sense that running that game on stated hardware would be a miracle. (GTA III anyone?)

RE: lame
By Cogman on 10/10/2007 12:00:59 AM , Rating: 3
P.S. Half-life was released in the days of Pentium 2 processors, max clock speed of 450 MHZ when a computer with over 256 MB or ram was considered Insane and directx 6 was all the rage (the Original HL had DX 5 on its CDs...)

Your argument is dumb, Im sure your one of those people the would gladly run dos because any modern OS is way too bloated. (Its just that modern programs require "Features" that you don't think you need)

One last time, Crysis has a VAST amount of physics, gameplay, AI, and general apperance improvements far above those of Farcry. Just because it looks kind of like farcry and minimum settings does not mean that it acts like farcry (Which apparently is only ok if you are value by your standards). Honestly I don't know where you are getting that the engine is just farcry with some pretty bells and whistles.

RE: lame
By Cogman on 10/10/2007 12:04:40 AM , Rating: 2
One other thing, The only thing that he said was like farcry was view distance and interactivity (meaning leaves don't bend and flop like they did in the crysis demo). Textures where improved, and you are getting high quality models as well. So you aren't getting a game that looks like farcry in the end, even with minimum system requirements.

RE: lame
By sxr7171 on 10/10/2007 12:28:05 AM , Rating: 3
The leaves don't flop?

"I mean, if you wanna break down someone's door, why don't you start with AT&T, for God sakes? They make your amazing phone unusable as a phone!" -- Jon Stewart on Apple and the iPhone
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