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Sony BWU-200S Blu-ray Burner  (Source: Sony)
Sony's newest Blu-ray burner cuts 50GB disc burn time in half

Sony announced today a new updated internal Blu-ray burner for PC. The new drive doubles the write speed as compared to previous Blu-ray BD-R burners inside computer systems. The new BWU-200S Blu-ray burner cuts burn time in half allowing a full 50Gb BD-R disc to be burned in about 45 minutes. Previous drives were 2x drives and the burn time was around 90 minutes for a BD-R disc.

In addition to burning BD-R discs, the drive can also burn DVD+/-R discs at 16x, DVD DL burning is supported as well. Software is included with the burner that allows for the capture, authoring, editing, burning and viewing of high-definition content captured in HDV 1080i format from HDV camcorders.

With the BWU-200S a BD-R or BD-RW disc can store up to 230 minutes of HD video. Sony uses a SATA interface rather than the PATA interface more common to optical drives. The form factor is the standard 5.25-inch internal size and the drive and its software are compatible with Windows XP and Vista.

“Advanced optical storage technologies, such as Blu-ray Disc technology with its vast capacity compared to DVD technology, will be key enablers for next generation PC applications like HD personal video content and high-definition TV recording,” said Wolfgang Schlichting, research director for removable storage at IDC. “Sony's many innovations in optical storage have prepared the company to be a leader in the Blu-ray Disc writable market.”

The BWU-200S will be available directly from Sony in November for around $600 and is available for pre-order now.

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blue ray is great...user base isn't
By psyph3r on 10/9/2007 8:54:52 PM , Rating: 2
unless everyone starts buying them, the price will merely slowly drop. Just like cd's did, and just like DVD's did. there isn't enough volume for cheap discs yet. stop complaining and wish for the best when these discs are 25 cents a pop :)...or a dollar by the time that happens. i applaud the increase in speed. reminds me of the 2x cd burner

I'll be getting one. i would love to be able to send family and friends 50 gigs of data through the mail. that might be faster than my 120 kb upload rate. Honestly I'll never store information on anything other than hardrives. i never trust optical media due to the human factor and i like all my media to be instantly acessible. Luckily, with new hard drives now i will be able to store my whole network on five sata tb hds....that's mind boggling to me(and way out of pocket at the moment :( ).

"Nowadays you can buy a CPU cheaper than the CPU fan." -- Unnamed AMD executive
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