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ioDrive Storage device  (Source: Fusion-io)
ioDATA drive promises vastly superior enterprise level read and write performance at a hefty price

Most computer users want faster hard drives to aide in faster boot times and application loading. Solid state drives (SSDs) promised to improve our load times and they did to some degree.

If a measly 64GB solid state drive just doesn’t cut it for your needs, Fusion-io has a new 640GB flash based hard drive that slips into a PCI-Express x4 slot. Fusion-io promises some very swift speeds from the drive in the neighborhood of 600 Mbytes/sec sustained write speed (4000Mbytes/sec random) and 800 Mbytes/sec sustained read (8,000 Mbytes/sec random).

The ioDrive has no moving parts to increase the lifespan and reduce the risk of failure. If more capacity is needed scaling is possible by adding more ioDrive cards to the system. The sustained data transfer rates that Fusion-io promises (PDF) are vastly superior to other enterprise level storage devices on the market such as Ultra SCSI and SAS storage devices.

Supported operating systems include Linux Red Hat AS4.0, Windows Vista and Windows XP. The catch to go along with all of the performance the ioDrive promises is that the 640GB version costs a massive $19,000 USD. Gizmodo is reporting that when the 640GB drive is released in Q1 2008 80GB, 160GB, and 320GB versions will also be available.

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RE: Nice!
By melgross on 10/10/2007 12:03:28 PM , Rating: 2
You guys are either too young, or came into computers too late.

I had an Atari 800 as my second machine, after having passed on the Altair and that generation.

Floppies only held 89 KB. I was considering buying a HDD for it.

The price?

$3,500 for a 3.25 MB drive!

Needless to say, I passed.

RE: Nice!
By augiem on 10/10/2007 1:03:32 PM , Rating: 2
WOW, that's nuts.

I did have a TRS80, Apple IIe, IBM XTs and ATs, PC Jrs, etc, but I don't ever remember knowing or caring how much things cost that far back. My mom had one of these hilarious business computers from the late 70's -- basically looked like a monochrome screen embedded into a one-piece body w/ keyboard with a massive 8" floppy drive embedded vertically on the right of the screen. As I recall, it came with its own stand/desk thing. I believe hearing she spent nearly $25,000 on it. And in today's value... YIKES!

RE: Nice!
By Stosh68 on 10/10/2007 1:31:10 PM , Rating: 2
I bought my first hard drive in May of 1987, with my entire first paycheck of my first fulltime job.

It was a 10MB Sider for my Apple IIe, and it cost me $700.

I used it for games, programming and to run a BBS for several years, and I could never fill it up.

"I f***ing cannot play Halo 2 multiplayer. I cannot do it." -- Bungie Technical Lead Chris Butcher
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