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AMD releases its newest Athlon chips and performs its final series of price cuts before the Phenom launch

AMD today released six new 45 Watt AMD Athlon and Sempron processors. This is the company's third silent launch this year.

In addition to the new chips, AMD today also implemented new price cuts, further slashing the prices of its Athlon chips. The new chips and price cuts are most likely the final product releases and price cuts to take place before the Phenom debut, which will occur in late November.

Each AMD product line received at least one new chip today. AMD released chips for its Athlon X2, Athlon and Sempron product lines.

For its Athlon X2 line, AMD released the Athlon X2 BE-2400 chip, which operates at 2.3 GHz and 45 Watts. According to AMD guidance, the product is priced at $104 in quantities of 1,000. Previously, the fastest AMD processor with the BE moniker was the 2350, which is priced at $96 in quantities of 1,000.

AMD also implemented a flurry of price cuts to its Athlon X2 brand.  Eight additional price cuts were put into action today, all on the company's 65nm dual-core offerings.  There are no single-core processors in AMD's desktop lineup anymore.

AMD Athlon 64 X2 Pricing

Old Pricing

New Pricing
6400+ BE







5000+ BE











In today's silent-launch, AMD also released two new Athlon models. The first, the AMD Athlon LE-1620 runs at 2.4GHz and comes for $53. Like all of the other processor models released today, it also has a 45 Watt TDP rating. Paying $6 less than the LE-1620 ($47) will get you an Athlon LE-1600, which features a 2.2GHz operating frequency.

AMD's Semron line also received a face lift with the release of three new processors, the LE-1250, LE-1200 and LE-1100. The chips operate at 2.2GHz, 2.1GHz, and 1.9GHz respectively.

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By DeepBlue1975 on 10/10/2007 2:07:25 PM , Rating: 3
AMD seems to be taking a quiet second place (in a 2 player field...).
I mean, these are no high end chips that will make anybody drool or anything, but hey, lower consuming and heating chips do have a market and deserve some morketing just because of that.

I think AMD is wasting the potential of the market segment they can better grow in by now, as they have not a solid chance of competing in the high end or even performance mainstream markets until they release Phenom (which also doesn't look promising enough compared to intel's current offerings and prices)

PS: I'm no fan boy. In fact, I sold my old athlon 64 3200+ and am now the (very) happy owner of an Intel Q6600 CPU.

RE: ...
By HrilL on 10/10/2007 6:30:08 PM , Rating: 2
I'm sorry but a lots of applications for HPC the new Barcelona cpu's are leading in the 4 and 8 cpu servers. This seems to be the market they designed their new cpu for...

RE: ...
By Alpha4 on 10/10/2007 8:08:01 PM , Rating: 2
Congratz mate! Have you done any crazy OC'ing yet? If I were in your shoes I'd be counting the days until Alan Wake hits the shelf. Apparently its been optimized 10 ways from center for quad-core CPU leveraging and runs like a dream on them.

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