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Microsoft's new holiday bundles  (Source: Kotaku)
Microsoft to include Forza Motorsport 2 and Marvel Ultimate Alliance with the Xbox 360 Premium, Elite

Microsoft today confirmed what has been rumored on the Internet for a few weeks with regards to its Xbox 360 console. The Redmond giant will include Forza Motorsport 2 and Marvel Ultimate Alliance with its Xbox 360 Premium and Xbox 360 Elite consoles.

News of the two bundled games first leaked to the web via Best Buy's online website -- the store later took the product pages down (likely after being contacted by Microsoft).

Bundled games are nothing new and retailers often bundle free games with new consoles during special promotions. When the Xbox 360 price cuts went into effect over the summer, Circuit City offered Rockstar Table Tennis for free with the Xbox 360 Premium.

This move, however, marks the first time that Microsoft itself has officially included two high profile games with its console.

The holiday season should prove to be quite fulfilling for potential Xbox 360 customers. Microsoft has already rolled out HDMI ports on the current crop of Xbox 360 Premium, Xbox 360 Elite and Xbox 360 Halo 3 Special Edition consoles.

In addition, cooler-running 65 nanometer Falcon CPUs are starting to show up in Halo 3 Special Edition consoles and will likely rollover to the rest of the Xbox 360 range shortly.

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RE: Pretty good value
By Legionosh on 10/8/2007 4:29:02 PM , Rating: 4
To get function for function capabilities out of both consoles the 360 will cost more overall. No one will argue that.

However there are other things to consider :

My HD-DVD add on was bought SEVERAL months after my 360..actually well over a year come to think of it.

I don't about you but it's much easier for me (and probably many people) to spend $500+ over time as opposed to one big purchase.

Coming up with $170 or so is much easier than $500+ at any given time for me, so while it did cost me extra for the HD-DVD it only cost me $200, as I already had my 360 well over a year. If I upgrade my tires on my car to 19" a year after I get it I don't add that to the cost of the car...or add on something to your house after purchase,,

(maybe not the best analogies, but I think you get the idea)

(and like it or not the HD-DVD is not needed at all in any way to enjoy your 360. Yes it's great for HD-DVD movies, but these are primarily game consoles here. You can own the 360 for 5+ years and not need the HD-DVD add on at all. So while it's always brought up when comparing the price of the consoles, no one needs it to play on XBOX Live, or Halo 3, or Bioshock, or Gears of War, or Mass Effect, or Forza 2, or to download HD movies from the marketplace, etc, etc)

The play and charge is only $20 not $30 (then again the wireless is $100 not $90, so your math balanced out in the end).

While the play and charge is extra, when the Sixaxis battery goes bad (as all batteries do) you can either A) deal with the hassle of opening your controller yourself (something I've done on PS2 controllers..not fun by any means) or B)send it in to Sony and wait for them to replace it.

I much prefer knowing if my battery dies in my 360 controller I can spend $12 at Wal-mart or Gamestop and get a new one. No hassle, no fuss.

(not to mention unless Sony plans on upgrading the battery in the new Sixaxis w/rumble..the battery life is going to go way down).

The Wi-fi adapter should be no more than $50, if not free. That is one area MS really should work one. I see NO reason for them to charge $100 for it. That is one area where they are sort of screwing the customer, but since wired is a much better connection anyway I don't mind..but accessories is where the console manufacturers always make a killing.

..what, you don't think the PS2 memory cards cost anywhere NEAR $25 to make do you? They might cost Sony $3-$4 (if not much less), counting packaging. If that's not a markup I don't know what is.

I know XBOX Live is $49 for the year (or $7 a month, as is the way I pay for it), but again the service is tops especially when compared to the PSN. The total integration and ease of use of XBOX Live is well worth my $7 a month. No one who isn't biased and that has used both services will say the PSN is better.

I know Live has been around longer, but Sony had 3+ years to work on getting their online into a comparable state. Sadly that is not the case yet. Their servers seem to be reasonably fast, but we'll see how fast they are when there are 7+ million members..any decent server can be fast with a low load.

In regards to the bundle games..Forza2 is pretty good. I like it personally. Marvel UA...I could care less (as I'm sure most people who buy it feel). I don't know anyone who actually "likes" the

Still free games are almost always a good thing. Heck if you don't want them bring them into Gamestop, get some credit and get a game you really want.. :-)

My two cents,

RE: Pretty good value
By Oscarine on 10/8/2007 4:59:12 PM , Rating: 2
I agree on many points. Of course I bought the 360 long before the PS3, and for the primary reason .. games.

The PS3 I actually bought for a different reason... Blu-Ray movies and eventually games.

If you noticed I didn't count XBox Live against the XBox's pricing scheme because I agree its of greater value than PS3s online system, at least until they start getting some more online killer apps than just say Warhawk.

As for the controllers thing, the PS3 controllers are the same price as 360 controllers sometimes cheaper, and they already include the rechargable battery. Honestly I don't care.

The less now vs more later approach I actually prefer the opposite, which I guess is my main gripe. I'll pay more upfront if I don't get nickel and dimed along the way.

I do love the 360 though, and have picked up alot more than the comparison, more controllers for Madden, The Camera, 360 Wireless Headset, Logitech's Harmony controller for the 360, my GF has a couple of those silly dance pads for DDR Universe, I've got a couple of guitars for GH2, and I'll probably get Rock Band for the 360 since I think it will have the better multiplayer implementation.

That brings me to my last gripe, I wish the 360 had more USB ports by default :P

RE: Pretty good value
By Legionosh on 10/8/2007 5:29:26 PM , Rating: 2
I know you didn't count XBOX Live in your post..I meant to clarify that, but points on that were more for comparisons sake than anything anyway. ;-)

I bought my PS3 because at the time I was able to put it on layway and pay it out (again I can never come up with $500 at once unless I save up, but $50-$100 is usually not too hard to come by)..and regardless of how much I might pick on the PS3, I am looking forward to FF XIII, MGS4 (IF it doesn't go to the 360..if it does I will wait and see which version is "better")..Little Big Planet looks really cool as well..

..but other than that it has no real exclusives to speak of that catch my eye (I waited for the Folklore Demo and when it came out..I was sooo Maybe I was expecting a darker game?)

It has "Haze", which was going to go to the 360 as well but was pulled by the devs to be PS3 only (what, are they WANTING to sell as few copies as possible?, but that didn't really interest me even when it was going to the 360..look severely mediocre to me for some reason.

Killzone 2? I'll definitely wait and see how that one turns out. Who knows, it could be really, really good..but as I said I will take the wait and see approach on that one. If it's great I'll buy it..otherwise I'll get it when it's $20-$30 used (like I do a lot of games)

..and off the top of my head I can't think of any other exclusives that I want, and with the track record of 99% of 3rd party games being superior on the 360 in one way or another I see no reason not to buy those for the 360.

..hence why I, like you, game primarily on my 360. I own somewhere around 10 Blu-Ray movies and 12 or so HD-DVDs (a local pawn shop let me snag several at $10 a piece..couldn't pass it up. I only wish I would've had more cash on me at the, so I am trying to give both formats a fair shot, but with HD-DVD having lower production costs and less DRM, and the rumored sub $200 stand alone HD-DVD players coming for the holidays, I do lean towards HD-DVD.

I see your point on the controller issue, and that's fair (at least it isn't $60 like the Wii remote and nunchuck).

(I got the camera the day it came out as wireless headset yet. My friend at Gamestop keeps on telling me he hears way too many horror stories about them (not to mention they are still $50..and a used one is still $40), but I plan on getting one some day fairly soon regardless. I like tax

You bought the Harmony controller? Man, you went all That thing is a REALLY nice piece of hardware, but a little out of my budget. :-P

More USB ports would be cool, but I bought a $10 USB hub/memory card reader so that solved that issue. Not as elegant as the card reader on my PS3 but it works..

So, Marvel UA anyone?..

I thought


RE: Pretty good value
By Necaradan666 on 10/9/2007 3:12:17 AM , Rating: 2
Do Gamestop take bundle games? I know none of them will around here. Because everyone would try to get rid of them for cred.

RE: Pretty good value
By Legionosh on 10/9/2007 9:24:56 AM , Rating: 2
The Gamestops here in town (we have like 4-5) will usually take games even without cases, but with case is MUCH preferred.

Once a game is known as a pack in though the company usually adjust their prices accordingly..but this has to be done at a corporate level. So it may be a little bit before they do that, or they may anticipate this and adjust the prices before the bundles launch.

..but to answer your question, some Gamestops will take bundle games.


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