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Nintendo says that not everyone will be able to find a Wii

Even a year after launch, the Nintendo Wii still remains a hot item that rarely ever stays in retail stock –and comments from Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime indicate that demand will once again outstrip supply this holiday season.

“We have been sold out worldwide since we launched,” said Fils-Aime to the Mercury News. “Every time we put more into the marketplace, we sell more, which says that we are not even close to understanding where the threshold is between supply and demand.”

Fils-Aime adds that Nintendo is doing everything it can to meet the demand for Wii, and that “The issue is not a lack of production.”

“The issue is we went in with a curve that was aggressive, but the demand has been substantially more than that. And the ability to ramp up production and to sustain it is not a switch that you flick on. We're working very hard to make sure that consumers are satisfied this holiday, but I can't guarantee that we're going to meet demand. As a matter of fact, I can tell you on the record we won't,” said Fils-Aime.

In a previous story, the Nintendo president said that holiday supplies of the Wii will be “substantially more than the launch, substantially more than has been seen to date ... given the level of demand and given the fact that the more we put in, the more we sell, it is still going to be difficult to get your hands on the Wii.” 

Since launch, the Wii has topped the sales charts. NPD sales data from August showed the Wii selling 403,600 units, while the Xbox 360 sold 276,000 and the PS3 130,600. The Wii also became the fastest selling console in history in the UK, and according to several sources, Nintendo’s latest machine is now the worldwide leader for the generation.

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By phattyboombatty on 10/1/2007 4:22:10 PM , Rating: 3
It seems you're not getting the Wii right. The Wii is a video game console. It competes with all other consoles - drectly. The same games (think Madden, NBA, etc) come out for the PS3, 360, and Wii.

The Wii partially competes with the 360 and PS3. I would say that a large percentage of Wii purchasers did not pass on the sale of a 360 or PS3 in order to buy the Wii. If a consumer cannot afford a 360 or PS3, but can afford a Wii, there is no lost sale to Microsoft or Sony, because the consumer wouldn't have purchased their systems even if the Wii didn't exist. I'm sure there are a small percentage of consumers that have enough disposable income to buy any of the three consoles and choose to buy just the Wii. That's why I'll concede that the Wii partially competes.

Your argument is similar to somebody saying that a Nissan Altima competes directly with a Dodge Viper because they are both cars.

RE: Industry's understanding of Wii is flawed
By Murst on 10/1/2007 4:34:12 PM , Rating: 2
I guess I hold my view from personal experience (which may be completely off). When I was in the market for a Wii last xmas, I noticed that a large number of people who did not find a Wii ended up buying a 360 (by large, I mean something in the neighborhood of 10... keep in mind, this is my own personal experience). These people wouldn't have bought a 360 if they were able to buy a Wii, so that is why I view them as direct competitors.

The dodge viper and altima comparison would be better suited for comparing the 360 and PS2. Even though they're both cars, they're different classes of cars, just like different generations of consoles.

RE: Industry's understanding of Wii is flawed
By T3raYon on 10/1/2007 4:53:58 PM , Rating: 2
Well I can not argue with your personal experience seeing people switching from the sold out Wii to XboX 360, all I can do is to wonder if they ever going to buy the Wii or ignore it completely.

On the Wii vs PS3 & XboX 360:
With all due respect Murst you don't seem to understand that the Wii as a product has significantly different capabilities than the PS3 or XboX 360.
You keep grouping the 3 together as "same generation consoles" but I'm not sure it is the right thing to do.
There is a year 2007 edition for practically every car brand sold in North America but this does not create grounds to compare mid sized cars to SUVs... just because they are both "2007" generations.

Wii has 1MB of memory altogether a simple processor and a simple graphical chip. This is not the same as the XboX 360 and PS3 - the hardware is VERY DIFFERENT.

Wii has a different mission, it should have! It can't beat the other two on their playfield.

This is why I really think Nintendo is brilliant since they recognized that there is no way to compete with the other two giants on their field pushing out a 3rd console with similar capacities than the XboX 360 and PS3.
Nintendo created it's OWN playfield and dominating it!
Too bad many people fails to recognize this.
Thanks God Nintendo itself is very conscious about it.

RE: Industry's understanding of Wii is flawed
By Murst on 10/1/2007 5:05:17 PM , Rating: 2
you don't seem to understand that the Wii as a product has significantly different capabilities than the PS3 or XboX 360

You may be right. However, I use my Wii to play games and I use my PS3 to play games (when Mass Effect comes out, I'll have a 360 to play games too). I got each console to play the latest games that come out. Whatever other capabilities each system has do not really apply to me. :)

BTW, you should check out Metroid 3 Prime. To me, that game proved that graphics have much more to do with the developers than they do with system specs. Just be ready to be addicted.

By T3raYon on 10/1/2007 5:19:52 PM , Rating: 2
First: I'll certainly check out Metroid 3 Prime.
I agree - developers can really do miracles sometimes with visuals.
My point about graphic quality was the difference between 480p (Wii's max output) vs. 1080p (XboX 360 and PS3 theoretical max). Above 40" TV the difference truly noticable... ...and more and more people can "afford" those displays.

Based on your comments I now see where you're coming from.
You appear to me a true gaming enthusiast who has the financial source to afford all 3 consoles and you value more "good games" than brand loyalty.
It is perfectly fine and good - no problem with it and I guess all manufacturers are keeping guys like you close to their heart :)
Unfortunately not everybody is like you and many people is facing the choice: if they have let's say roughly US$1000/year to spend on a console gaming hobby how can they take the most out of it for their own taste? They need to make choices...
Here is where competition comes - in my mind.

By Locutus465 on 10/2/2007 12:43:57 AM , Rating: 2
Perhaps in terms of graphics, but I have to wonder whether we're getting to the point where graphics aren't everything.... Wii provides an in game experience unlike anything you will get on 360 and PS3. Like both of those consoles it also adds in extended functionality, though not as a media center like MS and Sony do (probably because they were never in that market to begin with unlike the other two). It does however give the user some very practical applications such as Forcast Channel, News Channel, a web browser etc. For some, the capabilities of the Wii might will match their needs much more than either of the other two offerings.

By phattyboombatty on 10/1/2007 6:24:57 PM , Rating: 2
The dodge viper and altima comparison would be better suited for comparing the 360 and PS2. Even though they're both cars, they're different classes of cars, just like different generations of consoles.

Just because a console is in the same generation, does not put it in the same class. I consider the 360 and PS3 to be the Corvette and Viper, competing in the upper range market for serious consumers. The Wii is the Camry of the bunch, less technically advanced, but capturing a larger market at a lower price.

"If you look at the last five years, if you look at what major innovations have occurred in computing technology, every single one of them came from AMD. Not a single innovation came from Intel." -- AMD CEO Hector Ruiz in 2007

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