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Nintendo says that not everyone will be able to find a Wii

Even a year after launch, the Nintendo Wii still remains a hot item that rarely ever stays in retail stock –and comments from Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime indicate that demand will once again outstrip supply this holiday season.

“We have been sold out worldwide since we launched,” said Fils-Aime to the Mercury News. “Every time we put more into the marketplace, we sell more, which says that we are not even close to understanding where the threshold is between supply and demand.”

Fils-Aime adds that Nintendo is doing everything it can to meet the demand for Wii, and that “The issue is not a lack of production.”

“The issue is we went in with a curve that was aggressive, but the demand has been substantially more than that. And the ability to ramp up production and to sustain it is not a switch that you flick on. We're working very hard to make sure that consumers are satisfied this holiday, but I can't guarantee that we're going to meet demand. As a matter of fact, I can tell you on the record we won't,” said Fils-Aime.

In a previous story, the Nintendo president said that holiday supplies of the Wii will be “substantially more than the launch, substantially more than has been seen to date ... given the level of demand and given the fact that the more we put in, the more we sell, it is still going to be difficult to get your hands on the Wii.” 

Since launch, the Wii has topped the sales charts. NPD sales data from August showed the Wii selling 403,600 units, while the Xbox 360 sold 276,000 and the PS3 130,600. The Wii also became the fastest selling console in history in the UK, and according to several sources, Nintendo’s latest machine is now the worldwide leader for the generation.

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RE: Industry's understanding of Wii is flawed
By SigmaHyperion on 10/1/2007 3:56:37 PM , Rating: 5
Yes Wii does not have "Halo 3" type supergames

Umm... Maybe not right now but give it about 3 more months and that'll be a different story.

Any guess on how many of the Top 10 Best-Selling Games ever are from Nintendo?

8. Out of 10. (All 10 spots if you include Mario on NES and SNES but they came with the console)

Halo 2, the best-selling of all Xbox/X360 games, barely breaks into the Top 20.

For all the hype that Halo gets Super Mario Sunshine (a crappy, poor-selling Mario by all accounts) outsold it, and that wasn't even the GCs best-selling title. Mario on the DS outsold even Halo 2. Halo as a franchise is barely a blip on the radar compared to the likes of Mario, Donkey Kong, Zelda, Metroid, and lately Super Smash Brothers. Not to bash Halo, I stood in line at midnight to get my copy, it's just a matter of fact.

As you pointed out, unlike it's competition, Nintendo doesn't need to sell lots of software since its hardware is profitable, but it does . Nintendo owns game sales. Its' attach rate is huge. That's why, even when the GameCube "was doing poorly" it was STILL printing money. Despite selling less hardware than the original Xbox, almost 30 'Cube games broke 1 million units sold, compared to only a half-dozen Xbox games.

RE: Industry's understanding of Wii is flawed
By T3raYon on 10/1/2007 4:06:05 PM , Rating: 2
You have very good points.
As I tried to clarify earlier I was painfully vague what I mean "supergames".
Nintendo of course needs game sales and doing good in this area.

My "supergame" comment is a bit pointing towards the direction of pitting Wii against PS3 and XboX360 in a (good or false) sense of game quality - mostly defined by the visuals in these days (right or wrong).

RE: Industry's understanding of Wii is flawed
By kinnoch on 10/1/2007 4:38:02 PM , Rating: 2
Maybe I visit different sites than you, but I rarely see games measured solely by their graphics. Some times mediocre graphics can count against them, but its rarely a defining aspect. Look at WoW, Diablo 2, and Starcraft. They were all behind the times graphics wise, but should be labeled "Supergames".

By SigmaHyperion on 10/1/2007 5:04:33 PM , Rating: 2
I understand what he was getting at. A game might be one of the best-selling games ever but it might not be particularly noticeable to consumers.

How many people would guess that Nintendogs was one of the best-selling games of the past decade? Or that any one of the countless Pokemon games will sell as many or more copies than a Halo (add them all together, and Pokemon is the biggest game franchise today)?

You don't see a lot of gamers sitting around talking about the latest Animal Crossing game, despite the fact that it would probably outsell GTA4. Nor are you going to see major mainstream media cover the launch or even have a "launch".

"Supergames", as the OP was using it, are the games that generate hype and buzz. Nintendo might not have that down quite as pat as Microsoft does, but Nintendo has the games that generate sales and profit. ;)

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