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Wal-Mart Canada is giving the 80GB PlayStation 3 a $110 price break

A further price drop of the PlayStation 3, particularly related to the 80GB model is contested by few and backed up by analyst predictions.  Although Sony’s true plans for the upper range price of its PlayStation 3 won’t be revealed until at least all 60GB models are sold out from store shelves, one of North America’s retailers could be providing a hint of what’s coming.

Wal-Mart’s Anniversary Sale in Canada is pricing the 80GB PlayStation 3 at $549.83 CAD, which is the approximately same price that the 60GB model currently carries. A quick survey of Wal-Mart stores in west Canada found that most stores were sold out of the 60GB PS3 and only stocked the 80GB model.

Major retailers have been known to put products at a certain sale price depending on what its forecasts are on pending changes in MSRP.  Another factor that may play into Wal-Mart’s large discount on the 80GB PS3 is the growing strength of the Canadian dollar, which recently has been hovering on par with the U.S. dollar. Nevertheless, Wal-Mart’s Canadian price for the 80GB PS3 is still below that of the $599.99 MSRP in the U.S.

Earlier this month, DailyTech reported that Sony is enlisting the help of Foxconn to manufacture low-cost PlayStation 3. Furthermore, rumors around the web figure that Sony will release another PS3 model aimed specifically at a lower price point. This supposedly low-cost PS3 is to have a 40GB hard drive, and could possibly include fewer I/O options. A recent Sony filing with the FCC has also unearthed further information on a new PS3 model.

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