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Taking into consideration customer and partner requests, Microsoft will sell Windows XP for another 5 months

In a recent press release Microsoft announced it will extend sales of its Windows XP operating system to OEMs and retail channels for five months over the initial end date, through June 30, 2008. The move comes after a great amount of feedback from customers and partners regarding the original end-of-sale date of January 31, 2008.

Mike Nash, the corporate vice president of Windows Product Management, stated, "While we’ve been pleased with the positive response we’ve seen and heard from customers using Windows Vista, there are some customers who need a little more time to make the switch to Windows Vista."

Nash went on to say that Microsoft's original policy of a four-year availability of operating systems to OEM and retail channels had been established in 2002. However, due to the delays in the launch of Windows Vista, Microsoft felt that offering Windows XP for sale for an additional five months would make more sense.

When asked about what Microsoft was hearing in terms of feedback from customers regarding Windows Vista Nash stated, "With more than 60 million licenses sold as of this summer, Windows Vista is on track to be the fastest-selling operating system in Microsoft’s history."

Microsoft's Nash feels that the strong sales thus far are due to the doubling of sales of pre-built desktop and laptop computers bundled with Windows Vista as the primary OS. However, recently Microsoft also decided to offer OEMs theoption to let customers downgrade from Windows Vista to Windows XP.

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By AnotherUpgradeArg on 9/28/2007 3:32:25 PM , Rating: 2
As a Software Engineer, we attempted to go to Vista and found so many of our 3rd Party tools we used were not Vista compatible and the vendors where either out-of-business or had not migrated them to Vista. Will be a long, long time before we upgrade to Vista or .Net.

XP Pro is Rock Solid!! Gates must have got bored. lol


By TomZ on 9/28/2007 4:57:19 PM , Rating: 2
What 3rd party tools do you use that wouldn't run on Vista?

RE: Some Many 3rd Party Tools Not Vista Compatible
By noirsoft on 9/28/2007 5:04:16 PM , Rating: 1
I feel really really sorry for your customers if you are a "Software Engineer" whose business relies upon tools from vendors who have gone out of business.

Care to name yourself so I can avoid your products forever?

RE: Some Many 3rd Party Tools Not Vista Compatible
By TomZ on 9/28/2007 5:10:43 PM , Rating: 2
It's actually not an uncommon situation, but what I see is the mistake is to put off supporting Vista instead of acquiring and transitioning to tools/components that support the current release of the Windows operating system. Depending on unsupported tools/components is just asking for trouble.

It's hard to be too critical without understanding the exact situation, but on the surface it looks like a short-sighted management decision.

By crystal clear on 9/29/2007 6:36:50 AM , Rating: 3
They believe in the law called-

"if it ain't broke, don't fix it."

RE: Some Many 3rd Party Tools Not Vista Compatible
By TomZ on 9/29/2007 9:31:18 AM , Rating: 2
Yes, of course, but they are also delaying the inevitable.

By TomZ on 9/29/2007 9:34:39 AM , Rating: 2
In addition, we add all our apps running on Vista around a year ago. We didn't have any changes to run on Vista, because we carefully followed Microsoft coding guidelines when we coded our apps for XP.

By crystal clear on 9/29/2007 10:11:58 AM , Rating: 2
yes indeed-they learn the hardway.

By SavagePotato on 9/29/2007 11:41:00 AM , Rating: 2
Those are the same people that end up in hardcore panic mode when their 10 year old win98 box, which was what they relied on for keeping 100% of their accounting and buisness information on, just calved.

This is something I get to delight in a great deal with the local small buisnesses. THEN they usualy get another fun blast of reality when their 10 year old accounting package has bad floppy disks and they can't reload it, combined with the fact that their stuff is just so old, modern versions of the software from the same company won't even import their data.

That is what happens to people that rely on obsolete software out of a sheer laziness or cheapness toward updating.

By crystal clear on 9/29/2007 1:03:06 PM , Rating: 3
You give the savage blow !great !

By Zoomer on 10/2/2007 10:13:27 AM , Rating: 2
You make it sound so bad. Properly mantained, old systems are just as good. Just look at all these old bank mainframes.

"I'd be pissed too, but you didn't have to go all Minority Report on his ass!" -- Jon Stewart on police raiding Gizmodo editor Jason Chen's home
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