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Reportedly Microsoft marketing images showing the new bundles  (Source: Kotaku)
Xbox 360 to come with Forza 2 and Marvel for free this holiday season

Although manufacturing costs of the Xbox 360 will be cheaper than ever after the switch to the 65nm CPU platform codenamed Falcon, Microsoft will likely stick with its current pricing throughout the rest of the year. But that’s not to say that there won’t be some value added to help entice those on the fence to choose Microsoft’s console.

Briefly spotted on Best Buy’s online store, but now removed, were two pages that listed new bundles that added Forza Motorsport 2 and Marvel: Ultimate Alliance to both the Xbox 360 Elite and Xbox 360 Premium SKUs. Both consoles were listed at their current prices, indicating that the two games were an added value package.

Gaming blog Kotaku uncovered marketing images for both the aforementioned bundles mid-August, and the appearance of such bundles in Best Buy nearly confirms their pending existence on the market.

The packaging shown in the images also matches up with previous information provided by Microsoft’s marketing, which added taglines “Go Pro” to the Xbox 360 Premium system while the Xbox 360 Elite displays “Go Big.”

Bundling games with the Xbox 360 is already standard practice in Canada. Best Buy  in Canada is selling Xbox 360 Premium with Forza Motorsport 2 and Amped 3, while Wal-Mart substitutes one winter sport with another by adding in NHL 2K8 with Forza Motorsport 2.

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By xphile on 9/28/2007 5:29:15 AM , Rating: 2
Firstly it's still 3 months to Christmas so who would put money on them not doing this with pricing now, then dropping the price 50-100 across the board on something like December 1st.

Secondly MS still hold a pretty good price advantage over Sony in the high end platform stakes so really do they need to cut super deep right at the moment anyway.

Thirdly they have taken a pretty big hit on the initial replacement policy, then the RROD repair and warranty issues, and though those things should never ever have happened they did pretty much do the right thing by their customers, and it obviously isn't a cheap exercise.

I guess in the end it is simply a case day to day for buyers of saying ok I want a system - what is the best value, and what has the games I most want to play. Unfortunately for Sony, even all this way down the track it's that last issue still kicking them severely in the rear end.

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