NVIDIA's new 7900GT reference design

7900GT GPU Mockup

4-pin leads ready for an audio connector

PCIe power connector
We've uncovered some details about NVIDIA's upcoming GeForce 7900GT

Surprise, surprise – here is NVIDIA's upcoming GeForce 7900GT.  NVIDIA’s newest GPU, dubbed G71, will debut at CeBit 2006 in Hannover in a few weeks.

NVIDIA's new 7900GT is expected to use new Samsung GDDR3 memory that's reported to be operating at 1.4ns but frequencies are unconfirmed at this point. In contrast, ATI's X1800XT uses GDDR3 memory with a 1.2ns time running at 1400MHz. NVIDIA's 7800GTX 512 uses memory running at an effective rate of 1.7GHz.

We have a few images of the 7900GT from NVIDIA (right).  The 7900GT will feature a single slot cooling design, although the cooler demonstrated in the images we captured is not the stock cooler that will appear on the final design. An interesting engineering element on the reference board includes a set of 4-pin leads for what we are told is for an audio jack -- or at least the leads for an audio jack. If it is indeed an input for audio signals (appears to be SPDIF), then for upcoming graphics cards that boast HDMI connectivity, this would definitely make sense. As for the current reference design, there is no such connector featured and we will have to wait for final designs to see what happens.

NVIDIA roadmaps have confirmed to us that the 90nm 7900GT will feature 24 pipelines with a 450MHz core clock. Like the GeForce 7800GTX series, the 7900GT comes with this warning:

Note: For two GeForce 7900 GT-based graphics cards running in NVIDIA SLI configurations, a minimum 450W system power supply (with 12V rating of 26A) is recommended.

Quick specifications for GeForce 7900GT from NVIDIA documents:

  • PCIe native
  • 450MHz core frequency
  • 256-bit memory interface
  • 40GB/sec. memory bandwidth
  • 11B pixels/sec. fill rate
  • ~900M vertices/sec.
  • 24 pixels per cycle
  • Built in dual-link DVI support for 2560x1600 resolution

More to come. 

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