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Sharp's Blu-ray Disc recorders will pack 1TB of HDD

With the gradual move from standard to high-definition television broadcasts, the recordable DVD looks a bit too small in terms of storage. Sharp will address that issue by shipping Blu-ray Disc recorders for the Japanese market.

The new Blu-ray recorders will hit the market starting October 27 as basic models without hard drives that are meant to only record television programming to single layer Blu-ray Discs. In December, Sharp will ship higher-end models with hard drives with capacities of either 500GB or 1TB, and with the ability to write to dual layer media. The 1TB recorder will be able to store up to 127 hours of high-definition video.

As expected, the Blu-ray Disc recorders will cost considerably more than DVD recorders. The lower-end, single layer models without the hard drives range from $875 to $1,040, while the higher-end, dual layer 500GB model will be $1,730 and the 1TB nearing $2,600.

Sharp currently has no plans to release the recorders in North America, but will ship its first Blu-ray Disc player this fall.

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