Intel's X38 chipset slips again, but with Intel's new front-side bus will anyone care?

Today was supposed to be the embargo lift for the Intel X38 chipset. Well, actually it was supposed to be almost three months ago, but an Intel spokesperson confirmed today that those waiting to read reviews will have to wait just a tad longer. 

Reasons for the delay seem to focus around vendor microcode support.  ASUS, MSI and Gigabyte all have working X38 boards today, yet all three vendors each produced no less than four BIOS updates for these boards within the last month. 

Earlier this month, Intel held an emergency session with motherboard engineers in order to get this microcode up to snuff.

Intel circulated a memo over the weekend detailing the new embargo details with a "firm" release date of October 10, 2007.  However, the company has a history of lifting embargos early.  Furthermore, some X38 motherboards are, and have been, available in the retail channel for the better part of September.  These motherboards certainly need BIOS updates, but do not physically differ from the boards expected to launch on October 10.

Of course, one has to question the wisdom of launching this chipset so close to the 45nm Penryn launch -- which conincidentally is the launch for Intel's 1600 MHz front-side bus.  With the new 1600 MHz bus, Intel will launch a second revision on X38 with a new voltage regulation module. 

Intel's Penryn and 1600 MHz front-side bus will officially launch on November 12, 2007; just a month after the new proposed X38 embargo lift.

Obsolescence be thy name.

"This is from the It's a science website." -- Rush Limbaugh
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