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Page 1 of Jayne's hand-written complaint on Google  (Source: Dylan Stephen Jayne)
Pennsylvania man sues Google founders for $5 billion over secret code in his social security number

Even with all the serious lawsuits surrounding Google every now and then there's still a case that seems just ... off. The latest suit against Google and its founders stems from a man who cared enough to handwrite all 23 pages of his complaint.

One Dylan Stephen Jayne of Pennsylvania filed suit against “Google Internet Search Engine Founders” in Pennsylvania Civil court, seeking the small amount of $5 billion dollars. Jayne claims that his safety is in jeopardy because of Google releasing personal information about him.

Jayne asserts that individuals looking to perform acts of terrorism could obtain his information from Google, making it more likely that he will be detained wrongfully in the future. Jayne’s statement of claim is that, “Dylan Steven Jayne, plaintiff, has a social security number that when the social security number is turned upside down in its entirety it is a scrambled code that does spell the name Google.”

Jayne goes on to state that the United States Department of Justice is heading the investigation into the allegations of crimes against humanity by the Google Search Engine founders and that he was illegally detained as a juvenile in the Milford, Pennsylvania County Court of Common Pleas. Jayne also claims, amongst other things, that he was placed in jail for two-years under misdemeanor charges of resisting arrest and public drunkenness.

Luckily for Google, Jayne is willing to accept the first check in the amount of $250,000 and a second check for the remaining balance. 

Submitted for evidence, Jayne included virtually every piece of his private information; including his credit card, library card and bank overdraft statements.

At the time of publication, "Dylan Stephen Jayne" revealed no hits on Google.  "Dylan Jayne" revealed approximately 200 hits regarding this suit.  In time, Jayne's lawsuit may become a self-fullfilling prophecy -- documents from this case are quickly being circulated through the Internet.  While it may not consistute crimes against humanity, Jayne's personal information is quickly becoming everyone else's business.

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By TheGreek on 9/26/2007 10:06:57 AM , Rating: 3
That's not entirely correct, though it may seem so.

The law for negligence and such measures what's acceptable by what a reasonably prudent person would do, not the all or nothing extremism being offered in the views here. Most people would probably expect first degree burns from such an accident. Take a poll and see how many would expect 3rd degree burns.

Suppose a toddler holding the package had opened the coffee and burned themselves. Then what?

Suppose McD's found a new way to keep drinks cold longer, but if you spilled the contents you'd end up with severe frostbite. Yeah coffee is suppose to be hot, but not boiling in the cup. And if government officials had already ordered McDs to turn it down, then what?

And what of the 700 prior incidents? They don't count for anything towards corporate responsibility?

Seems people here love to make things far simpler than they really are and then believe they are being logical about it.

By rcc on 9/26/2007 12:03:34 PM , Rating: 2
What about the millions that haven't had problems and may even prefer the coffee hotter?

By TheGreek on 9/26/2007 1:11:25 PM , Rating: 2
I asked first, and my questions weren't designed to duck the real issues.

Please continue.

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