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"Lost" character John Locke--now on AOL  (Source: ABC)
ABC tries to steal NBC's thunder with its own announcement.

As reported at DailyTech, NBC Universal announced this week that it would be launching a direct download service to allow viewers to download episodes of their TV shows free of charge.

The move followed ABC's initiative from last year to offer free primetime TV content available to download from its website. Now ABC appears to be attempting to steal a bit of NBC's press thunder with an announcement of its own. 

ABC will be offering its prime time content on AOL Video. The shows will be paid for with embedded advertisements, like NBC's shows.

ABC is owned by Walt Disney and AOL is owned by Time Warner, so the move marks a major collaboration between the two media giants.

Otherwise, the main impact appears to be that ABC will be the first network to give viewers the choice to either download TV content or view it online at AOL Video, both for free.  This may be useful in cases where viewers can't download videos due to filtering or in older machines where hard drive space is scarce (though that is less likely with today's massive hard drives).

Among the shows ABC will be showing on AOL Video are "Lost" and "Grey's Anatomy".  New shows will be added for the fall TV season.

Four episodes per show will usually be online at once and older episodes will be removed after a set number of days.

The move follows a wave of free, which besides NBC's announcement includes SpiralFrog's free music download service and The New York Times'opening of their archives and select columns.

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RE: wow
By nerdye on 9/21/2007 2:28:23 PM , Rating: 5
What's AOL?

Check half the landfills in the Unites States, you find mostly free "AOL" installation cds. AOL is a garbage manufacturer.

RE: wow
By Oregonian2 on 9/21/2007 2:46:14 PM , Rating: 3
Hey! They were my floppy supplier back when floppies were still useful. Didn't have to buy one for quite a few years (when they were still being used).

RE: wow
By darkpaw on 9/21/2007 3:28:55 PM , Rating: 2
No kidding. Friend of mine worked at EB back then. He'd always be bringing home 50 packs of AOL disks they were supposed to hand out to customers.

Free floppies for everyone!

Once they switched to CDs, we only had free frisbees unfortunately.

RE: wow
By marvdmartian on 9/21/2007 3:18:14 PM , Rating: 2

ABC and AOHELL.....gee, there's a winning combination! [/sarcasm]

RE: wow
By Gul Westfale on 9/21/2007 10:14:36 PM , Rating: 2
i see what you mean... how many of those retarded disks did i have? you know the ones that came with every magazine? they even handed them out for free at a local bank back in the day... talk about desperate.

it's a good thing that more networks are following NBC's lead here, but doing it with AOL means that there is going to be some inherent suckiness here. maybe they will make you install some old netscape in order to watch? or maybe you must enter your address during sign-up and then they will mail more of those idiotic CDs to you... i think i will use my neighbor's address.

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