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TPI Composites General Manager Kevin Weldi poses with the new Humvee  (Source: Associated Press)
New composite Humvees shed 900 pounds of weight

Humvees are synonymous with transporting troops on the ground during times of war. The ubiquitous workhorses are also pretty lacking when it comes to protection from enemy fire and improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

The U.S. Army in conjunction with AM General Corp. and TPI Composites Inc. are looking to composite materials to give its soldiers a better chance at surviving treacherous working conditions on Iraq.

Its latest test bed is a Humvee that features a frame and body made of composite materials. Resin material is used to bond together balsa wood, carbon reinforcements, fiberglass and foam. The use of composite materials on the Humvee shaves 900 pounds off the usual 10,000 to 12,000 pound vehicle weight.

"We can put the strength where we need it," said TPI Composites CEO Steven Lockard. "Every pound of weight we save, that weight is being added back to the vehicle in armor and mine-blast protection."

Additional armor could be placed under and around the cabin area of the Humvee to protect the passengers, while the composites materials alone could be used for the hood and fenders.

Predictably, the new composite-bodied Humvees are slightly more expensive than their conventional counterparts and the Army still hasn't made a firm commitment to purchasing the vehicles.

With that said, TPI Composites is fully prepared should the Army give the company the green light. "We could ramp up pretty quickly to most any volume that would be desired," said Lockard.

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RE: Awesome
By Ringold on 9/21/2007 1:11:02 PM , Rating: 1
You say not to make it political, and then blame Republican's, who have partly had to modernize the army after being left a demobilized mess from the Clinton years.

I think people are being ridiculous expecting or even seriously asking for the bleeding-edge, top-notch, latest-greatest most-expensive equipment for our troops. It would be nice, absolutely, and they should be equipped with the best we can offer within reasonable means.. but that said, it would also be virtually unprecedented in modern warfare.

The argument is essentially the same as made by General McClellan, a good enough Union general used at the outset of the Civil War. He never considered his troops to be trained enough, equipped enough, or otherwise ready enough to engage the Confederates, and Lincoln ended up having to sack him and his modern Democrat complaints about equipment and replace him with a string of generals until he found one both competent and pragmatic enough to get the job done. History repeats itself, as the cliche goes; or as the Cylon's say, all that has happened before will happen again. And it is.

Also worth noting that McClellan almost single-handedly ensured Confederate victory through his inaction. As is often the case in US history... we got lucky -- or were unlucky, I suppose, depending on your view. ;)

"I modded down, down, down, and the flames went higher." -- Sven Olsen
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