Xbox 360 goes on "Infinite Undiscovery" with Japanese RPG

It has always been a challenge for Microsoft's Xbox group to receive support from top-tier Japanese developers. While the situation is much improved with the Xbox 360 over the previous console, Microsoft would still like to have couple franchises that still define one of its competitor’s consoles.

Although a certain long-running role-playing franchise remains out of reach for Microsoft, the Xbox group took a big step last week when it announced in Tokyo, Japan last week that Square Enix will help bring an exclusive RPG to the Xbox 360.

Announced at Microsoft’s pre-Tokyo Game Show conference was Infinite Undiscovery, a new game developed by tri-Ace – makers of Star Ocean and Valkyrie Profile series – and to be published by Square Enix.

Infinite Undiscovery is billed by Square Enix producer Hajime Kojima as an action-oriented, “dynamic, compelling next-generation RPG” with a focus on real-time events

Despite Microsoft’s best efforts, it would be naïve to think that the Xbox 360 has a fighting chance against Nintendo and Sony's user-base levels. What Microsoft is doing now is laying the groundwork for even greater Japanese support for its next console. It certainly worked going from the Xbox to the Xbox 360, and Microsoft hopes the upward trend will continue.

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