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The Indian city of Mumbai hopes to fight terrorism by installing keyloggers

All Internet cafes in the Indian city of Mumbai will have police-sanctioned key-logger software installed on their machines to help combat terrorism.  With a population of 13 million residents, cafe owners only in the city of Mumbai will be forced to install the software.

All cafe owners will be forced to register and receive a city license from police headquarters, reveal the number of PCs located in the location and Internet protocol (IP) addresses for all of the PCs.  Any cafe owners who do not register can be fined, with harsher punishments possible.

The announcement follows bombings in Hyderabad and Mumbai that were reportedly organized in Internet cafes.

"The police needs to install programs that will capture every key stroke at regular interval screen shots, which will be sent back to a server that will log all the data," said Vijay Mukhi, India Foundation for Information Security and Technology president.  "The police can then keep track of all communication between terrorists no matter which part of the world they operate from. This is the only way to patrol the net and this is how the police informer is going to look in the e-age," he added.

Privacy experts and bloggers around the world point out different methods criminals can use to remain anonymous.  A CNET blog indicates the use of proxy servers and Tor could be two potentially popular methods to get around the keyloggers.

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By mostpatriotic on 9/13/2007 3:01:11 AM , Rating: 2
A keylogger is simple it logs key and sends them to where it wants to; right through your proxie, firewall or whatever. A screen capture is smaller than the profiling cookie is pulling from your machine, so ..

Fact is the a$$ people that run our government were jerking off and our WTC got leveled. I don't think they where underfunded they have like 4000 billion per year to spend plus whatever they want to tap from the US$. So now they want to blame everyone and everything under the sun; including your inalienable rights. Ha ha ha, we are so F'ed.

Not once have I seen those truely responsible for our safely take responsibility for the WTC disaster. Something like: Yea .. Hmmm well we were charged with national security and we failed - we really just didn't have the right people working on the right problem. Not to mention a two year old could figure an airplane under hostile control is a threat to national security.

Then they follow up with, if you question anything or raise issues your unpatriotic. And you aren't with us your against us -

The war is for economic reasons and to shift the blame of the attacks; ie. to amplify our aggressors to a level which makes even the Us Government look like a victim, and you can't blame the victim can you?

Just in case your not following ; let's say a single hippie blows up the Hoover dam (Boulder dam). Is it the single hippie's fault or our/the multi-trillion dollar government which commands the largest military in the world fault for not stopping it from happening?

For those linguistically challenged:

fault (n)

Synonyms: responsibility , liability, burden, culpability, accountability
Synonyms: error , mistake, blunder, slip-up, omission, lapse, oversight, slip
Synonyms: defect , flaw, imperfection, blemish, weakness

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