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David Cameron promotes a switch to "green" energy sources
High-powered personal computers and other electronics under close scrutiny for the UK's carbon dioxide crunch

The United Kingdom has a problem. Although it signed the Kyoto Protocol proposed by the United Nations, it -- like every other nation country which did -- has been wholly unable to meet treaty commitments, and has actually been increasing CO2 emissions faster than the non-signatories like the United States.

Embarrassing ... but what to do about it? Pass more laws, of course.

To that end, a new plan is recommending sweeping new changes to force residents to reduce electricity consumption. Tops on the list? A ban on new sales of plasma televisions. Surprisingly enough, the plan comes not from the Labour or Liberal Democratic parties, but from a group organized by Conservative Party Leader David Cameron.

While plasma TVs are especially singled out, the plan also targets all items that use over an arbitrary level of electricity, including high-performance personal computers and some household appliances. Additionally, the report recommends banning the "standby" functionality on consumer electronics, which allows them to be quickly turned on by remote control. Some 2% of the island nation's electric usage is thought to be due to standby equipment power draws.

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has already announced his ambition to eliminate the stand-by function on all appliances sold in the country, claiming it was part of British responsibility to "protect the environment."

Critics of the plan claim it will simply create a "grey market", where those with money will continue to be able to purchase banned items at higher prices.  But former Environment Secretary and plan chairman John Gummer says, "The imperative of global warming demands that we change [our approach] utterly - not just governments, but businesses, groups and individuals."

Even with the plan implemented, the United Kingdom is not expected to meet Kyoto Protocol commitments.  No word yet on what next will hit the ban list.

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By Blackraven on 9/11/2007 12:42:25 PM , Rating: 1
Seriously, this is stupid.

I mean, do they really want to put Pioneer out of business over there? That would be unimaginable.

Heck I mean right now, Pioneer plasma TVs (from 6th gen) are ROHS-compatible in Europe (and now the rest of the world as well). Power consumption figures of it are on an on-going downtrend (around 20-30w less per newer generation) and that they are also lighter in weight.

What more could they want?!?!?

It does show that they are not tackling the problem with the right means. If they want to stop global warming, why don't they ban dirty coal or encourage citizens to buy less beef products (as shown by masher and his study).

Look. I am not a plasma fanboy (as I bought a Samsung LCD TV recently) but seriously, why should a ban be imposed when the plasma TV companies are in fact trying to reduce power consumption and heat in their TV sets.

Seriously, the intention (to stop/reduce/reverse global warming) may be good but the plan (to ban plasma TVs?!?!?!?) is fucking stupid.

/rant over

By TheGreek on 9/13/2007 2:59:23 PM , Rating: 2
You can't explain to a person who buys a huge TV and then consumes over 500 watts/hr to watch the evening news that he's an idiot, even though the purchase alone proved that outright.

This concept is beyond the comprehension of the locals:

"Death Is Very Likely The Single Best Invention Of Life" -- Steve Jobs

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