"Penryn" to spawn a mobile quad-core variant

Intel plans to unleash quad-core Penryn-based processors on its upcoming Montevina mobile platform. The new mobile quad-core processor features a 35 mm x 35 mm die in PGA packaging. The chip will drop into a Socket P infrastructure.

However, there is one catch, mobile quad-core processors feature a different pin layout then dual-core models. Notebook manufacturers have to specifically design notebooks to accommodate the thermal and electrical demands of mobile quad-core processors.

The mobile quad-core Penryn processors are similar to desktop counterparts. Expect 12MB of L2 cache on mobile quad-core Penryn’s with a front-side bus speed of 1066 MHz. Intel plans to keep thermals around 45-Watts, with idle power consumption around 3-4-Watts. Mobile quad-core Penryn’s will also support all HALT states, including C4.

Intel targets the mobile quad-core Penryn for 2H’08 with the arrival of Montevina. Expect mobile quad-core processors to most likely show up in desktop replacement notebooks as a Core 2 Extreme model.

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