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The new iPod touch with Derek Zoolander on screen  (Source: Apple)

New iPod classic in its usual two colors  (Source: Apple)

New video capable iPod nanos  (Source: Apple)

iPod shuffle in new colors  (Source: Apple)
Now with a new iPod touch

Apple today revamped its entire iPod lineup and introduced an old-yet-new model – the iPod touch. The new iPod touch is essentially an iPhone stripped of its GSM and phone capabilities.

The device features the same 3.5-inch screen as the iPhone with an 8mm thickness. Two memory capacities are available – 8GB and 16GB. Apple also employs the same multi-touch user interface as the iPhone in the new iPod touch, including Cover Flow.

The iPod touch retains the 802.11b/g Wi-Fi capabilities of the iPhone. Users can connect the iPod touch to home and public wireless networks. The iPod touch also features a couple of built in applications, as with the iPhone.

Safari and YouTube applications are preinstalled for wireless web browsing and video watching.  Apple also installs the calendar, contacts, clock, calculator and photo applications. Essentially, the iPod touch is what the iPhone is without a SIM card inserted.

iPod touch



The existing iPod models are completely new, with new iPod shuffle’s, nano and regular. Apple finally named the standard hard disk based iPod’s – the iPod classic. The new iPod classic features a completely metal design and thinner in size compared to the outgoing model.

Apple increased hard drive capacity with the new classic – 160GB is the new flagship, with 80GB being the base size.  Battery life for the new iPod classics improve, with up to 40 hours for audio and 7 hours for video.

iPod classic



Apple’s iPod nano is completely new as well, in the form of a new “fatty” nano. The new iPod nano features video playback capabilities on its 2-inch QVGA display. Apple offers the new iPod nano in 4GB and 8GB capacities and in five different colors – black, silver, green, blue and RED. New games are also preinstalled on the new iPod nano, including Vortex and Sudoku.

iPod nano



Both the new  iPod classic and nano feature a new user interface with Cover Flow.

Lastly, is the iPod shuffle refresh. The iPod shuffle maintains the same design as the outgoing model, but now with new colors and a RED model. New iPod shuffle colors include blue, teal and an aqua green.

iPod shuffle



Expect the new iPods to show up in retail this week.

In the mean time, Microsoft's 30GB Zune is now priced at $199. Microsoft announced the price cut late last night on the ZuneInsider blog. With the release of Apple's new iPods and the iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store, a $50 price cut may not be enough to attract buyers to the Zune.

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Not quite what I was hoping for
By hlper on 9/5/2007 2:56:30 PM , Rating: 2
Too bad, I wanted the iPod touch to be a hard drive based player. It honestly does too much for me to be satisfied with such a small memory (max 16GB), or I would probably have bought it. I think I may look to Archos and their new 605wi-fi now. It has pretty much all of the features and 30/80/160GB capacities.

RE: Not quite what I was hoping for
By Hare on 9/5/2007 3:25:48 PM , Rating: 2
It has pretty much all of the features and 30/80/160GB capacities.
Yeah, like the multitouch screen and performance for actually usable web browsing...

Let's be honest. The iPod touch is pretty awesome. The only problem that I can think of is that you can't really use it without looking at the screen (no more pocket use etc.) I already have a hefty smartphone (E90) so I'm not going to buy the ipod touch but if I didn't have my phone I really would consider it just for the web browsing experience + video.

RE: Not quite what I was hoping for
By hlper on 9/5/2007 3:56:41 PM , Rating: 2
I still think the Archos is a valid example of how this could work with a hard drive. I am not saying the Apple does not do some things better, but the differences are not huge. My point was that for those of us who wanted WiFi, and touch screen, and a hard drive we will have to go elsewhere.

Yeah, like the multitouch screen and performance for actually usable web browsing...

The archos has a touch screen that works well and looks very good(though I do like the Apple multitouch better), as well as a few basic navigation buttons you could use if you can't see the screen.

The Archos also has 802.11b, 802.11g just like the iPod touch, so it should serf the web just fine (though it requires a $30 plug in for the opera browser).

The screen is bigger, and it has a hard drive. However, battery life with the Archos is not great.

RE: Not quite what I was hoping for
By kelmon on 9/5/2007 4:47:36 PM , Rating: 3
I've seen this comment before about wishing to use the device in your pocket. Have you considered a remote control? I use one for my regular iPod for when I'm cycling and that really does the job without needing me to look like a bit of a perv having a fiddle in my pocket.

RE: Not quite what I was hoping for
By bkm32 on 9/5/2007 5:04:49 PM , Rating: 2
rdeegvainl says it best,

Why would someone want a remote control for something that is the size of a remote control?

It doesn't make sense, If Chewbaca lived on Endor, you must acquit!

By kelmon on 9/6/2007 11:07:13 AM , Rating: 2
The easy answer is if you don't have easy access to the device. The remote control is on the headphones cable so that's always handy and offers the controls that you need. Problem solved.

By rdeegvainl on 9/7/2007 2:36:23 AM , Rating: 2
I have an IPOD and I love it! Not actually hard to love the IPOD when your last media player was one of those MD using Sony things that used connect.
The two biggest improvements for this thing that would just make it awesome, especially for the ipod touch.
4 small buttons in either the top or side of the IPOD, not at the top but actually in the metal siding.
3 of them for cycling songs without looking, just have a |<<, >/||, >>|, you know these buttons could be small the same shape and smoothly integrated into the device while simultaneously keeping in line with the overall design.
Then separate from them, probably on the same side just distanced and by itself, a button to turn off the screen and touch, to save battery life for when i am just using it to listen to music. The positioning of these buttons, 3 on one side, and 1 on the other would also you know which is which, just based on feel. No Remote, No gimmicks, No problem.
I would like that on my regular IPOD as well. both of these implementations could be very minimalist and savvy, fitting the IPOD STYLE, which i don't really care about any more than if it gets me the features i want.

RE: Not quite what I was hoping for
By OPR8R on 9/5/2007 6:18:32 PM , Rating: 2
Maybe I was expecting too much. I hoped we'd get the news that the new iPod would have a 32GB flash drive and the new (touch) interface, for about $299. Coming from 30GB, 8GB is not really useful, and $400 is bit too expensive for a music player that can hold (a claimed) 3,500 songs- though I doubt you could get that many songs on a 16GB drive.

On the "classic" front, longer battery life and a metal case isn't exactly inspiring.

I'm sure Apple was banking on many owners of previous versions of iPods upgrading to one of the new versions. If many other owners are like I am, that won't be happening on a large scale. Hopefully for iPod, Apple didn't make a mistake and hold back on too much this time around....

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