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Consumers get $180 million in Microsoft settlement, lawyers get $75 million

Microsoft has settled its long-running antitrust case in Iowa. The lawsuit, which was initially filed in 2000, claimed that Microsoft was involved in anticompetitive business practices which in turn resulted in higher prices for consumers.

The lead plaintiffs in the case, Des Moines lawyer Roxanne Conlin and Minneapolis lawyer Richard Hagstrom will receive $75 million in legal fee and expenses as a result of the settlement -- a record for the state of Iowa.

The $75 million in fees represent a bill rate of $575 an hour for each of the 150 lawyers, clerks and paralegals involved in the case. Over a seven year period, 117,000 hours were logged in relation to the case. The individual rate for Conlin and Hagstrom works out to $1,072 dollars per hour. The payout for the two lawyers also includes a 43 percent risk premium which was approved by a Polk County district judge.

While the lawyers will receive $75 million, Iowans will receive $179.95 million -- $330 million was originally requested. Microsoft will dish out $10, $16, $25 and $29 respectively for Word/Works/Home Essential, Windows/DOS, Excel and Office. Individual consumers can claim up to $200 without a proof of purchase, however, any amount exceeding $200 must be backed with supporting documentation.

Iowa consumers will receive their settlements in checks from Microsoft while businesses and government bodies will receive pay vouchers.

Some Iowans aren't happy with the settlements they are receiving in relation to the payout reserved for lawyer fees. "How in the name of all that is sacred can you even imagine that to be equitable?" inquired Parkersburg resident Betty Klingenbord. "I also do not like how this makes Iowa look. Where will these lawsuits end?"

The settlement covers Iowans who purchased Microsoft software between May 18, 1994 and June 30, 2006. Customers who wish to receive their reimbursements from Microsoft must do so before the December 14 deadline.

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RE: Lol
By Munkles on 9/4/2007 4:58:38 PM , Rating: 2
Great so obviously your using linux right? Slackware? I mean if you want FULL control? Wait you don't really want full control do you, you want the illusion of full control.

Im not sure what SCL you're referring to but on a daily basis I install ~8-12 new programs and remove a few each day as well as my line of work requires me to know about many programs, at least to know how they function and what they do. To date the biggest issue of software compatibility Ive had was that adobe acrobat wouldn't install until I turned UAC back on. <- not a big deal. I have no performance issues even with vista's eye candy purportedly hogging my resources. I don't care whether or not my OS touches my sound and video just so long as its clean and clear.

The DRM isn't all MS doing. Many companies express the desire for this. I'm no fan of DRM but thats why you can still get and use DRM free music, and they work JUST THE SAME on a xp based machine as they do in Vista.

You maybe a long time computer tech, but you certainly have some funny ideas about technology. As a tech you should know that its always going to change, its always going to progress and often times your software, or your old hardware just wont fit the bill anymore. Maybe your tired of playing the game but that doesnt mean technology will stop progressing. The ability for Vista to multi thread or to handle more memory, having dx10, this is all VERY important to the progression of the system. FURTHERMORE; the biggest issue with ME was stability. So far in using vista across 4 beta releases and the finished product and for almost 2 years now, my computer has not EVER crashed. Its restarted twice on me, both due to improper ventilation (no fault of the os) and in spite of my best efforts (even with no AV) I have not, and can not seem to contract a virus.

Most of what you say just sounds like the bitter rant of a Linux fanboy. Go ahead, use Linux no ones stopping you. No ones telling you that you HAVE to switch to Vista or use it. All people like myself are saying is to stop spreading mis truth about and OS you do not seem to be eminently qualified to do so with.

You seem to be upset with Vista as a stepping stone, well guess what so far ALL technology ALL OS's are stepping stones to the next one. I would rather MS release their software close together IMHO people got to used to XP too complacent and XP imposed limitations on hardware manufacturers to produce new and exciting products because hey would be lost on the OS, and its inability to utilize them.

Get used to change, even the mighty Linux changes daily.

"We’re Apple. We don’t wear suits. We don’t even own suits." -- Apple CEO Steve Jobs

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