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California's state Senate curbs a high-tech societal dilemma by making it illegal for employers to require ID chips implanted in their employees

Radio Frequency ID chip-maker VeriChip's slogan is "RFID for people."  The company grabbed headlines in October 2004 when it  gained FDA approval for its subdermal RFID implant.  The RFID chip measured in at 12 mm by 2.1 mm and allowed implantees to be identified and tracked using broadcast radio identification.

The chips are marketed for everything from medical tracking and identification, to security applications.

Last year, the Cincinnati based video-surveillance firm, mandated any employee that worked in its secure data center to get implanted with one of VeriChip's implants.  Two of its employees received the implants. 

Also, last year, blog RFID Lowdown reported that Hackensack University Medical Center, in Hackensack, New Jersey nominated patients for a study on the usefulness of these implants. These potential implantees suffer from chronic conditions like heart disease, epilepsy and diabetes.  Patients with these conditions will be placed a two-year program that will test "personal health record modules" inserted just beneath their skin.

Enormous controversy was generated by these moves, because the concept of employer required implants, or the possibility of involuntary medical implanting was seen by many as a dangerous high-tech invasion of privacy.  Also, concerns of the security of these devices’s information were also raised, as RFID chips have been publically compromised.

In response to these concerns the state of Wisconsin recently passed a bill that banned anyone, including the employers and the government, from implanting RFID chips in anyone without consent.

The LA Times reports that the California State Senate has passed a bill that goes one step farther, by banning employers from requiring employees to receive implants.  Nine senators voted against the bill, including Bob Margett (R-Arcadia), who is quoted by the Times as saying it was premature to regulate technology that has not yet proved to be a problem.

"It sounded like it was a solution looking for a problem, it didn't seem like it was necessary," Margett is quoted as saying.

An observation on both bills is that neither explicitly bans employers from asking their employees to voluntarily get implants.  Neither bill bans employers from rewarding employees who get voluntarily implanted.

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RE: Implant in Child?
By Christopher1 on 9/4/2007 10:49:59 AM , Rating: -1
Uh.... It's more likely to be a person who the child knows than a perv abducting them according to the FBI, and most times when a child get involved with a 'perv'..... it's out of their own wanting to be involved with that perv.

The best thing that could be done is to just accept pedosexuals in society and allow them to ask children for sexual encounters in front of other adults, with the adults forbidden to interfere unless they have some other reason to think the pedosexual is dangerous besides their sexual orientation.

Frankly, when you take things in a neutral manner and look at what crimes pedosexuals commit (excepting the consensual/semi-consensual sexual ones) compared to the crimes that a heterosexual commits.... even adjusting for population of one and the other.... pedosexuals are MORE law-abiding than heterosexuals are, commit less forcible rapes, etc.

It's simply time to realize that pedosexuals are being used as a boogieman in order to get people to think that their children are 'in danger'. Frankly, I knew a lot of pedosexuals when I was young, and they were NICER to me than other adults were, in public and in private, and didn't try to force me to do anything I didn't want to do.
That compares to the experiences of other non-parent 'sexual abused' children and adults who I have talked with, their 'abuser' was usually better to them than their own parents!

RE: Implant in Child?
By fic2 on 9/4/2007 12:44:53 PM , Rating: 3
You have got to be freakin' kidding me! Every sex act that a pedophile engages in with a child is a rape. Children don't have the capacity to decide whether they want to have sex with an adult. That is why there is a separate classification for it.

I have never heard such bullsh*t. I would like you to be able to find any parent, or normal adult for that matter, that would just stand by and let a child be propositioned by a pedophile and allow the child to accept it.

I think you need to see a therapist about your "nice" experiences.

RE: Implant in Child?
By SlyNine on 9/5/2007 4:57:44 AM , Rating: 1
Oo Wow.. Sorry every child subjected to this that I know is alot WORSE off. you need to think very carefully about your actions with children and I hope you decide to stay far far away from them.

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