HP w2408 Display Rotating  (Source: Image via HP)

HP w2408 24-inch LCd display  (Source: Image via HP)
New 24-inch HP LCD display has HDCP and rotates for portrait viewing

If you are a gamer, graphic designer or just like to work from a large screen monitor, 24-inch displays are coming down in price and going up in features. HP is set to unveil its latest 24-inch LCD display on Wednesday.
The new HP w2408 24-inch LCD display features BrightView anti-reflective technology for a wide viewing angle – 160 degrees vertical and horizontal. The monitor is HDCP compliant for viewing protected HD content such as HD DVD or Blu-ray, when paired with an HDCP compliant graphics card.
The display has a 92% wide color gamut making it appropriate for graphic designers and others wanting the most accurate color display. Under the display is a keyboard parking area. HP also integrates a four-port USB hub, speakers and a headphone jack. The integrated speakers are rear facing and output 2-watts per channel.

HP equips the w2408 with rotational capabilities and includes software that automatically adjusts the screen orientation as the display is rotated. The display also features a detachable base and a standard VESA100 4-hole mounting pattern.

Like all 24-inch displays the HP v2408 features a 16:10 aspect ratio with a 1920x1200 native resolution at 60Hz. The display features a 400 nits brightness rating with a 1000:1 contrast ratio. The panel has a typical response time of 5ms, on-off. The display features traditional CCFL backlighting and not LED.

HP integrates the power adapter is internally into the display, removing the need of an external power brick. The w2408 is Energy Star compliant as well.

Expect the display to show up in retail this month with included VGA and DVI cables.

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