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Rendering of what the new iPod nano might look like  (Source: Gizmodo)
Since the iPhone's release, Apple has been silent about new iPod/iPhone designs. It appears that Apple is about to break its silence on Sept 5th and release at least one new iPod.

Apple made a special announcement, on Wednesday, August 29, which has the internet abuzz with rumors. Apple announced that it is inviting the press to a "special event" in San Francisco.

The invitation was titled "The beat goes on," and includes an image of a man, silhouetted and dancing with an iPod, in the graphic style of the iconic iPod commercials, on the cover of an album displayed in the style of Apple's "Cover Flow" technology, which allows users to flip through their music on their iPhones or desktop computers.

Forbes speculates this message likely indicates that Apple is preparing to release one or more new iPod models.

The iPod has been Apple's commercial wonder kid in recent years and the announcement of a new iPod is critical to Apple's continued success.  Forbes elaborates:
Sales of iPods alone accounted for 29.1% of Apple's sales of $5.4 billion for the quarter ending June 30. And if anything, that understates the iPod's importance. The tiny media players helped Apple crank out $608 million in sales of digital music and accessories.
For weeks now, the internet has been inundated with reports and tech blog posts claiming to have "inside" or "leaked" information on the new iPods, even before this announcement.

The LA Times reports having interviewed two unnamed music executives who claimed that Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO, revealed to them his plan to build a vastly improved version of the iPod with a larger video screen, a touch-screen interface and other features similar to Apple's iPhone.  These representatives asked the Times not to name them, due to their confidentiality agreement.

Further reports of this full screen video iPod appeared on the blog ThinkSecret, which cites a source at Apple as confirming the existence of this iPod, but refuted previous reports of a 3.5" screen width, mentioning that it would actually have a 4" screen.

Additionally, a report by the blog Infinite Loop claims to have information from sources in the "far east" who allegedly corroborate the rumor of a full screen iPod, and additionally claim to have worked with a revised traditional screen iPod.  The sources claim both new iPods run on a modified version of OS X.  The possibility of new iPod models running OS X is a widely speculated possibility for these new iPods.

Infinite Loop also points out that the September 5th announcement comes almost on the anniversary of the introduction of the original iPod Nano, 2 years ago on September 7, 2005.

Another very widespread rumor is that there will likely be new iPod Nano designs with 8 and 16 gb NAND flash memory capacities.

Finally, one more rumor about the iPod Nano is it is getting shrunk. This rumor stems from a purportedly leaked design shot, dubbed the "fat nano," which was posted on the tech blog Gizmodo.  Apple's legal team asked the site to take the shot down. Gizmodo, has since confirmed the shot was indeed Apple intellectual property.  The site, following Apple's orders, took the shot down and replaced it with a shot they rendered in Photoshop, which looks identical to the original, in their opinion.

Despite all these rumors and reports, the only official news from Apple is that there is none--yet.  The official word from Apple will be coming on September 5.  Until then, be discerning, as many of the rumors out there may be just that, rumors.  The article in Forbes warns us not to get too excited, Steve Jobs once held a similar press conference to announce the launch of a set of iPod speakers.  Stay tuned, though, because the official announcement is coming fast, and it may be big.

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RE: As long as it has an I
By ATC on 9/3/2007 9:30:49 AM , Rating: 4
So you won't buy a product, good or otherwise, because it has an "i" in front of it? makes sense.

RE: As long as it has an I
By TomZ on 9/3/2007 1:27:12 PM , Rating: 1
Yep, and I feel the same way. I will never buy anything from Apple because their arrogant marketing campaigns rub me the wrong way. It's a risk a company takes when they create polarized marketing like that - there will always be people who find it annoying.

RE: As long as it has an I
By gramboh on 9/3/2007 9:46:51 PM , Rating: 3
I'm with ya on this one. I also hate the price premium they charge for style and their interface.

My friend just got an iPhone (in Canada) and yeah it looks pretty cool and the UI is interesting but it's not efficient, typing on it SUCKS compared to a Blackberry, especially having to shift.

RE: As long as it has an I
By theapparition on 9/4/2007 9:41:51 AM , Rating: 2
I would by Apple if they actually made something really good. I don't particuarly like their products, because they are in fact, not that good. You can usually get much better value out of competing products (computers and mp3 players) for less. I don't like the proprietory nature of Apple (or Sony) that wants to lock you into thier own format. While this may make it simple for the consumer, it also limits choice. But they are also the only one that offers an 80Gb model, so that's what my wife uses (I'm not syncing it for her, just dump most everything on there).

The 80Gb (and 30Gb before that) are very well made, slick pieces of hardware, that are very buggy. Constantly resetting the thing because of lock-ups. Itunes sucks, plain and simple and if it wern't for MediaMonkey, I'd have put a fist through my monitor. No battery replacement, and there are constant reports of these things dying. I also hate the click wheel. Why it's so popular I'll never know. I much prefer the useability of my Zune.

But this is not the first time an inferior product has won the market. Everywhere you look, iPod has the market. Apples computers are somewhat on par with the PC market, but again, you can get much more performance for less cost and greater compatibility.

Then there's Apples marketing. The reality distortion field is in full effect. Remember how Apples were much faster than those crappy intel PC's??? Now were switching to x86, and those intels are soooooo much faster than anything we had before. Huh??? Apparently, there 2-3% of the population that actually buys this marketing garbage. So, I'm with you, Apples' polarized marketing has had a negative effect on me.

RE: As long as it has an I
By gradoman on 9/5/07, Rating: 0
RE: As long as it has an I
By kmmatney on 9/8/2007 12:02:47 AM , Rating: 2
Disagree - I really hate Apple, but the Ipod nano is a great product and I have been very happy with it. Cost wasn't a factor , sin ce it was almost fully paid for by Best Buy gift certificates. My nano has been great, both as a music player and a storage backup device.

RE: As long as it has an I
By jstchilln on 9/3/2007 10:05:11 PM , Rating: 2
So you won't buy a product, good or otherwise, because it has an "i" in front of it? makes sense.

Oh sure I would buy a product that had an I in front of it. But I wouldn't buy one from Apple. Makes sense to me.

RE: As long as it has an I
By TomZ on 9/4/2007 1:12:42 AM , Rating: 2
iAgree :o)

RE: As long as it has an I
By Oregonian2 on 9/4/2007 2:47:09 PM , Rating: 2
Same reason people won't buy Microsoft even if they've good product at a good price. To be young (at any age) one must be anti-something and this is one way of venting against the establishment.

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