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Getting friendly with the locals  (Source: EA/Crytek)

That thing can't be getting decent milage  (Source: EA/Crytek)

You can break all those things  (Source: EA/Crytek)
Fire up those expensive video cards -- Crysis demo is coming on September 25

For diehard PC gamers, Crysis is the game that best exemplifies the PC’s technological edge over today’s consoles. In times where developers must consider the lowest common denominator when making a game, Crysis sets itself apart by targeting gamers with the latest computer processors and video cards.

EA and Crytek revealed today on its official Crysis website that a single player demo will be released on September 25 (also the day that Halo 3 hits the Xbox 360). The demo will consist of the entire first level in Crysis’ single player campaign, “Contact,” giving gamers first-hand chance to experience the open-ended level design and a chance to put their PC hardware to the test.

Even with the game’s nearing release, the developers have yet to announce official system requirements. From what the developers have let on, though, it is estimated that the lowest-spec PC that will run Crysis will consist of:

CPU: Athlon 64 3000+/Intel 2.8ghz
Graphics: Nvidia 6600/X800GTO (SM 2.0)
RAM: 768Mb/1Gb on Windows Vista
Internet: 256k+
Optical Drive: DVD
Software: DX9.0c with Windows XP

With the recommended system expected to be:

CPU: Dual-core CPU (Athlon X2/Pentium D)
Graphics: Nvidia 7800GTX/ATI X1800XT (SM 3.0) or DX10 equivalent
RAM: 1.5Gb
Internet: 512k+ (128k+ upstream)
Optical Drive: DVD
Software: DX10 with Windows Vista

Following the completion of the demo, gamers will have a seemingly long wait for the release of the full game. Crysis is set to simultaneously release in retail stores in North America and Europe on November 16, 2007.

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RE: Resolution/Detail
By Rabbitrunner55 on 8/30/2007 5:32:29 AM , Rating: 2
I always use 1024 X 768. Since i have amid range card ( 7600GT with shader model 3.0 and can only use DX9.0c, then i figure that will be good enough. maybe not the best specs but OK. I run quite a few high end games at one notch above that.
Currently, i can play any high end game out now just fine on a 939 chipset board and a X23800 CPU. I will upgrade pretty soon.. to either a X26000 and 2GB DDR2 memory, or possibly change platforms and get the C2D 6750CPU.

I find it funny that the one guy thinks he needs a new video card or just to play this game???? ( are you kidding me?? ) to get two of the highest ones out and run in SLI, when if he knew anything about anything, he should know that one high end VC is good enough for anything put out,esp. with those overall specs.$500.00 more just for 5-10FPS is just plain stupid.

Believe it or not, i can play 'Oblivion on very decnet settings and the game looks perfect, and runs over 30FPS, so i'm not too awful worried.
Remember.. ;game makers want most all gmaers business, and not just the highest specs. users, otherwise profits would fall by the wayside pretty fast...

"I want people to see my movies in the best formats possible. For [Paramount] to deny people who have Blu-ray sucks!" -- Movie Director Michael Bay
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